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Obituary: Patricia Jean Loveridge

Patricia Jean Loveridge, 82, passed away on Wednesday, May 29.

She was a daughter of The Blitz. Patricia Jean Loveridge was born on the cusp of WWII, September 16, 1936, in Bristol, England. The youngest of twins by 5 minutes, her older sister is quick to remind. Orphaned at birth, she lived life on her terms. She was quick-witted, practical, honest, and a kind, compassionate soul. She was a much-loved sister, aunt, and friend. She voiced 24 hours before her home going it wouldn’t belong. And she was right. She passed peacefully.

She is survived by her identical twin sister, Pamela Phillips; niece, Debbie Phillips; nephew, Terron Phillips; niece, Donna Phillips Van Sandt (Rusty Van Sandt); great-nephew, Connor Hughett (Melissa Medley-Hughett); great-nephew, Nate Hughett; great-niece, Brittany Van Sandt; and great-nephew, Bobby Phillips.

The family will have a private Celebration of Life Service at a later date.

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