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Trussville Downtown: 2 buildings slated for demolition

From The Trussville Tribune staff reports

TRUSSVILLE — Two buildings in downtown Trussville are slated for demolition. The tear downs could come as early as this week. Both buildings are under the control of the Trussville Redevelopment Authority.

One building is located at 154 Main Street and was originally built as a gas station. The building most recently housed Borella Auto Repairs. Borella relocated to 187 Argo Margaret Road in Argo after TRA purchased the property.

TRA is considering future development for the property. The authority has discussed building a commercial building, which would then be leased to a prospective business or businesses.

The second property scheduled for demolition is located at the corner of Vann Circle and Vann Main, which runs directly behind Edgar’s Bakery. It was most recently used as a residence.

The property is adjacent to a public parking lot and will possibly be used for the same purpose to create additional downtown parking.

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