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  1. 1

    Justin Williamson

    That’s one way to get a new Senator who hasn’t been there since 97

  2. 2

    Vaughn Harris

    Those Metamucil and Xanax poops are sure to leave a mark.

  3. 4

    Mark Kelly

    Yes, the Statue of Liberty.

  4. 5

    Scott Buttram

    Well, she’s an immigrant, so… But as long as her papers are in order she has nothing to worry about.

  5. 6

    Mark Kelly

    What are the odds that Bentley names himself as the replacement?

  6. 8

    Mark Kelly

    If you were Lover Boy, would you want to spend two more years in Montgomery, where not a single person likes or respects you, or go to DC for a fresh start as an on-the-make single guy with one of the world’s fanciest titles?

  7. 10

    Mark Kelly

    Lots of breasts to fondle up there. Plus, we know the President-elect is a grabber, so Bentley could pick up some new moves.

  8. 12

    Scott Buttram

    I just threw up a little.

  9. 14

    Sandra Howell

    Great pick, time for honesty and good decisions!!!

  10. 15

    Shelia Livingston Lowery

    So hope this is true! Great choice!!!I’ve supported him his whole career!

  11. 16

    Caroline Love

    Yeah,Yeah, Senator Jeff Sessions!!!

  12. 17

    Peggy Watts Yarnall

    It must be true they announced it on the today show. Lol

  13. 19

    Mavis Partain

    So very proud Congratulations, what a honor for Alabama

  14. 21
  15. 22

    Mark Kelly

    I truly hope I’m wrong about this, but I’m guessing there’s going to be a lot of throwing up over the next four years, as buyer’s remorse kicks in with a vengeance.

  16. 23

    Joe Cochran

    I like Luther and feel he is a man of integrity

  17. 25

    Mark Calvert

    Good. There are several indictments that need to be taken care of pronto.

  18. 26

    Lamar Adkins

    CNN read some of his long and forgot speeches where he favored the clan hey and wanted to destroy NAACP and civil rights . Now he has the opportunity. The fox is in The Henhouse

  19. 27

    Chris Pike

    Great appointment I would not believe everything CNN says they are still very butt hurt that they were not able to get Hillary in the office

  20. 28

    Shellie Erwin Benefield

    Congratulations Jeff Sessions. Indeed an honor for Alabama

  21. 29

    Kim Garrett Hendrix

    He was kept off the federal bench for his racists remarks including saying the only problem he has with the KKK is their drug use. Of course it’s evident that most people agree with him now and aren’t shy about saying so anymore. I guess we’ve learned nothing from history.

  22. 30

    Josie Smith

    Great news, I think he will do a good job

  23. 31

    Austin Bobo

    Except word has it that Bentley will be appointing a US House member to fill the senate seat…..

    Then word has it he may appoint AG Luther Strange to fill the house seat and appoint a new AG who will not go after him or he may appoint his “friend” Rebekah Mason to fill house seat….

  24. 32

    Bill Dooley

    It was a suggestion it’s hasn’t been decided on for sure yet. Don’t report nothing until it’s official

  25. 33

    Bob Herrod

    It’s a Senate seat, not a house seat!

  26. 36

    Shane Swann

    It really can’t be much worse

  27. 37

    Justin Williamson

    That’s what he said, Bob

  28. 38

    Donna Fields

    This makes me comfortable! Great Choice.

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