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  1. 1

    Heather Stevens Morris

    She is an awesome person coach an teacher!

  2. 2

    Steve Williams

    What happened to Karen Johns?

  3. 3

    Natalie Adkinson

    She resigned right before Christmas

  4. 5

    Steve Williams

    Thanks, guess I just missed that.

  5. 6

    Lisa Henson Wood

    So happy for you Jennifer White Abney.

  6. 7

    Gena Ray Cranford

    Yaaaaaay! Congratulations!

  7. 8

    Karen Noblitt Nickell

    Way to go Jennifer White Abney!

  8. 13

    Beverly Elders Cross

    Gonna miss Karen Sanchelli Johns but Jennifer will do great!!!

  9. 14

    Rebekah Self Tomlinson

    Congrats Jennifer White Abney!

  10. 15
  11. 17

    Pamela Scott

    Congrats Coach Abney!!

  12. 18

    Jamie Handegan Payne

    Yay!!! Congratulations JJennifer White Abney!!!

  13. 20

    Bridget Scott Phillips

    Jennifer White Abney…..Nice Job!!!

  14. 21

    Nita Stabile Jones

    Congratulations sweet friend

  15. 22
  16. 23

    Natalie Wehby Easterling

    Awesome Jennifer White Abney!!

  17. 25

    Phoebe Christian

    Wow!!! congratulations!!

  18. 26

    Cindy Belyeu Roper

    Jennifer White Abney, congratulations!!! Was just thinking the other day when we were having the vball car wash your first year… your awesome!!!

  19. 27

    Sharee Green

    Congratulations Jennifer White Abney!

  20. 28
  21. 29

    Amy LeMaster-Solano

    Love it and you! Congratulations

  22. 30

    Linda D. Crumpton

    what happened to Ms. Johns?

  23. 31

    Jessie Odell

    LOVE SERVE CARE~~~~You can erase from the walls, remove from, stationary,omit from being used in daily meetings but NEVER from the hearts and ambitions of the students of Trussville….

  24. 32

    Jessie Odell

    She resigned because our BOE and administration failed her in many ways.

  25. 33

    Jean Sanchelli Adamsky

    That is there to stay Jessie…AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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