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    Bill Dooley

    Trussville Tribune what kind of question is this. ????? Of course not be cancelled. I wouldn’t put this question out if I had a public paper. JMO

  2. 3

    Justin Williamson

    Good example of why people should read the article instead of commenting on the title lol

  3. 4

    Matthew Williamson

    Judging a book by its cover…well, I got lettuce out the garden, helps with sinuses, and if the Easter bunny would have been meddling around there, I would have blasted his head off. Hashtag vain tradition.

  4. 5

    Michelle Morris Barrett

    This young minister is really Good! Yes, this tongue in cheek article is funny but also it hits a little close to home, doesn’t it?! Good job!

  5. 7

    Sondra Martin

    Great article! Now, if people would actually read it….

  6. 8

    Jennifer Chinnis Lawley

    Read the article before commenting!

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