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  1. 1

    Jeff Mills

    This is truly a sad story for all involved. Let’s see who this gets blamed on.

  2. 2

    Kimberley Brown Aids

    Hope said teen is held responsible and punished appropriately for this!

  3. 4

    Sherina Evins

    I am soo glad they didn’t go!!

  4. 5

    Nate Arkitek Nite

    Second degree assault ? What about attempted man slaughter , discharging a fire arm in public area is guaranteed a couple years prison , and a whole bunch of other shit like he’s 17 with a hand gun smh

  5. 7

    Bryan Bischoff

    Sounds like he’s a big P@$$@. Fired shots as he ran away. Lol

  6. 8

    Daniel Ingram

    Black lives be mattering like a mofo around here….

  7. 11

    Kevin Small

    I blame it on not enough traffic cameras in Centerpoint.

  8. 12

    Darlene Blakney Murry

    whats going on with all the youth today back in the day teenagers didnt run around with guns and wanting to harm others I blame a lot of this on their parents

  9. 13

    Susan Gill

    I hope he gets charged with more then just second degree assault. He could have easily killed multiple people.
    People out trying to have a good time and this guy ruined it for everyone there.

  10. 14

    Gallo Castaneda

    Great job guys !!!! Keep his ass in jail forever

  11. 15

    Ricky Farmer

    2 bad things from Huffman this week and I know the majority is good kids.

  12. 17

    Deanna Hunt

    Lol it is the parents fault. Not being concerned enough with what your kids are into.

  13. 18

    Jeff Mills

    Deanna Hunt you are absolutely right.

  14. 20

    Greg Widick

    Yes ..this definitely was a non-caring reckless act of unnecessary violence enacted on a large public group of people. Possible Terrorism

  15. 21

    Greg Widick

    First time I’ve heard the name Eric used in this way … Laeric ? Where do the names come from ?

  16. 23

    Sharon Blackwood Wilbourn

    Here’s a pic of him with friends!!

  17. 24

    Chad Robertson

    Thug… lock his ass up for good!

  18. 25

    Trey Isbell

    They’re all cowards these days. Yeah a fist fight would get you suspended but we never thought about killing people because of an argument.

    You raise your fits, you trade some blows and you move on.

    You don’t end someone’s life because you disagree on some trivial issue. They’re teenagers. Not world nations. What could they have been arguing about?

  19. 26

    Amanda Thomas

    What is wrong with people!!?

  20. 27

    Jan Clower Humphries

    I don’t know, Deanna Hunt. I was very strict and tried to be on top of everything but I had to learn to never say, ” my kid would never” cause they both did some stuff. They grew to be good men and don’t shoot people but the last few years seems like a different world. I would hate to be bringing one up now.

  21. 28

    Deanna Hunt

    I raised 2 boys the things they told us could make your skin crawl. I always say never let them see you cry & never give up the fight. We lost one of our sons and the other recently turned 39 has a wife and child. He tells us we did good and he is a close friend now. We were not strict we were honest, no sugar coating things life isn’t a fairly tale you only get one go round.

  22. 29

    Jan Clower Humphries

    I’m sorry about the one you lost. I’m close to both of mine now. But by the grace of God.

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