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    Ricky Baker

    Right walking through the woods and some random person shot him. Sounds legit

  2. 2

    Kenneth Mcintyre

    LOL. While the mayor and Barlow travel to Vegas for a Vacation on the tax payer dime, people continue to be shot in their city. Maybe they can get some advise in Vegas ho how to prevent crime in their own city

  3. 3

    Annette Stansell

    I have been told prior to this shooting that there is a wooded area behind WalMart Neighborhood Grocery store where men/thugs with previous felony convictions, homeless from time to time, stealing from neighbors are sleeping under tents in that area. They are known to occupy vacant houses temporarily also. Jefferson County deputies (sometimes 2 grown deputies occupy one car )park in a vacant lot w/o radar which is located w/i a block of this area. Jeff Co needs a new sheriff that requires their deputies to work 8 hrs shifts & ea car to have radar to stop speeders. Perhaps we need to cut some management salaries so we can install radar in each car.

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