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  1. 1

    Kimberly Egan

    Nathan Maddox see why I’m afraid of kayaking

  2. 2

    Bev Lawrie-Salak

    Such a tragedy that could have possibly not happened had they been wearing life vests. Prayers for the family.

  3. 4

    Annette Stansell

    My condolences to the mother & 4 year old son, their family & friends.

  4. 5

    Patti Gilbert Mitchell

    Kayaking is not bad BUT what a goof to NOT PUT A LIFE JACKET ON YOUR 3 yr old child. At least protect the kids even if you think your invincible. Good gracious

  5. 6

    Gwen Lackey

    Really sad .Praying for family

  6. 7

    Teresa Cox Chapple

    Prayers go out to the family.
    Kayaking is so much fun when
    You apply the rules of safety .

  7. 9

    Kimberly Minton Freeman

    12 year old son was in another kayak and rescued the 4 year old. He was unable to save his father or youngest brother. Very tragic, this was a high school friends brother in law and nephew.

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