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  1. 4

    James Bailey

    Good thing I only eat authentic Mexican food like Taco Bell Jason Harris

  2. 6

    Doris Franklin

    Evil hackers….thi smakes me sick.

  3. 8

    Mandy Penland Duckett

    Charita Johnson- We were just talking about this place. Hopefully you haven’t been lately!

  4. 10

    Brooke Naramore McKinney

    Nikolas Mckinney you went April 3rd. Already checked the accounts

  5. 12

    Molly Thompson

    Julia Sanford Stephanie Cole Love I think we may have gone then but we paid online so maybe we’re safe?

  6. 13

    Zac McIntyre

    I guess that explains the 6 unauthorized purchases on my account.

  7. 15

    Crystalyn Egger Stembridge

    Abby Stembridge Johnson Josh Pope

  8. 19

    Lauren Seal

    Barbara Sautter Seal

  9. 20

    Katrina Hays

    Charles Hays, Angel Taylor Hays

  10. 21
  11. 22

    Katrina Hays

    Alison Barnett Murphy

  12. 23

    Jana Hanson Caffee

    Philip Hanson Jackie Yeager Hanson Christianna Arriaga Hanson

  13. 24

    Angela Flowers

    Oh my! Does Austin Manning Gillespie know as well?

  14. 28

    Lauren Harris

    Gina Pickett Harris oh no

  15. 29

    Sharella Bowie

    Fredrica White Nelson

  16. 32

    Scottie Elkins

    Hey Trussville Tribune!

    It’s all of the Alabama locations, might wanna add that to your article.

  17. 35

    Tiffany Whisenhunt

    Caitlyn Butler Tylor Butler

  18. 38

    Scott Singer

    Thanks Lauren Donaldson

  19. 40

    Alison Barnett Murphy

    Thanks for letting me know

  20. 43

    Austin Treglown

    Whitney Gulledge Lacy Gulledge

  21. 44

    Katelyn Forsyth

    i went after april 18th

  22. 46

    The Trussville Tribune

    There were only three locations in Alabama listed on the security website. Not all of them.

  23. 51
  24. 52

    Stephanie Cole Love

    Hope so. I haven’t seen anything weird yet…

  25. 53

    Kathryn Williamson

    Haven’t gone there yet:)

  26. 54
  27. 55

    Kimberly Bates

    Oh no! I need to go back and see when the last time I was there

  28. 57

    Bailey Oliver

    Bethany Oliver Christopher Oliver just going to assume this pertains to yall lol

  29. 58

    Bethany Jones Speegle

    Brandon Speegle- have any of your work people gone here?

  30. 59

    Wendy Hall Cascio

    Lisa Shouse Harbison Jennifer Howell

  31. 60

    Stevie Marie

    Ashley Riley Galbraith

  32. 61

    Genie Graham Honeycutt

    Dustin Honeycutt is this the one we just ate at?

  33. 62

    Scottie Elkins

    But when you follow their link to figure out if you have been affected it lists dates and locations for all 3 locations.

  34. 63

    Barbie MrsToro

    Jessica Toro Hardisson

  35. 65

    Diane Massey Minton

    GOOD GRIEF!!! So very annoying!

  36. 66

    Sherina Evins

    Chipolte is always plagued by something. 1st food poisoning and now credit card scammers. Smh, they can’t get a break.

  37. 68
  38. 69

    Lydia Christina

    Roy Clarkson fyi ‍♀️

  39. 70

    Jennifer Duncan

    Thanks for letting me know.

  40. 73

    Laura Ann Vargas


  41. 74

    Shane Lewis

    Well isn’t that just great…

  42. 76
  43. 79

    Fredrica White Nelson

    I know…Quita tagged me. I already received my new card from Capital One. I just didn’t know who the breach was with until I saw the post Saturday.

  44. 80

    Leslie Salak

    Bev Lawrie-Salak Michael Salak Lawrie Salak

  45. 82

    Chuck Maske

    There’s a Chipotle in Trussville ???

  46. 83

    Kristy Faulkner

    Nick Bosse isnt this your place??

  47. 85

    Christopher Oliver

    Bethany Oliver we have Visa Transaction Alerts on all of our cards, plus Visa’s Zero Liability protection. We’re covered.

  48. 86

    Pamela Whittington Shepard

    Yes, by the McDonald’s and Hampton , across from Hooter’s.

  49. 87

    Chuck Maske

    I’ve never noticed it.

  50. 88

    Curtis Norris

    Scares me!!!!! Chipolte’s ALWAS seems to have some types of food that is comtaminated!

  51. 89

    Yashica Hammell

    Akina Luckett Canty
    The one I go to was also hacked

  52. 90

    Ethan Sullens

    Man I love being a introvert/recluse. No scams for me!

  53. 92

    Stephen Srofe

    I saw this. I’ll be watching closely. Set up alerts for most transactions.

  54. 94

    Virginia McAnnally

    Haley Renee Bradford not again

  55. 95

    Haley Renee Bradford

    Youve cat to be kitten me right meow 🙄🙄🙄

  56. 96

    Andrea Bivines

    Jaria Sanders Mannn I should of let u pay!!! Lol

  57. 97

    Vanessa Marie Williams

    Ross Williams keep an eye on your account

  58. 99

    Ross Williams

    Taking a break from eating there for now lol

  59. 101

    Kyle Richardson

    Where is The Morrow Rd location?
    This is not the Hwy 11 & Edwards Lake Rd location…right?

  60. 104

    Wayne Snider

    Yep. That would be Marrow Road.

  61. 105

    Kyle Richardson

    Fine…. Where is Marrow road?

  62. 106

    Kyle Richardson

    Mt Brook? Gardendale? Bessemer?

  63. 107

    Wayne Snider

    Trussville at Edwards Lake and Hwy 11 area behind McDonald’s

  64. 108

    Matthew Spaeth

    This is misinformation. Ask someone who works there.

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