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    Ruth Breda

    What counties are exempted? And where will the money that is saved go to?

  2. 2

    Lanette Milligan Cook

    Article says the counties are no longer exempt.

  3. 3

    David Gossett

    the problem is they have flooded the local food banks now!

  4. 4

    Tjo Johnson

    Why is feeding people a problem? They have cut the program but the fact is, many of these people don’t make enough to feed their families properly, even if they are working. They don’t have the education or the resources available to better themselves to get better paying jobs. Hopefully that money can be used to help in this area.

  5. 5

    Charles Bush

    If you want to feed them then feed them. Whats stopping you?

  6. 6

    Tjo Johnson

    Charles Bush I know what I do. God knows what I do. You on the other hand, don’t need to. You just focus on being the best ” chucky ” you can be. 👌

  7. 7

    Missy Milligan Morris

    Get another job if you need more food for your family. If you don’t make enough, and you need more money.. you’ll do what you need to do to provide.

  8. 8

    The Trussville Tribune

    If a person meets the federal work requirements, they have not lost their benefits.

  9. 9

    Lisa Marie Easterwood

    Thank goodness! I have seen far too many abuse this system, including someone who was claiming our kids! The system is abused, and unfortunately there aren’t enough employees to investigate when people lie on their applications. We didn’t find out about it for months later when we went to register our kids for school and were told they would receive free lunches. We knew we didn’t qualify for that and were told it was because our children’s social security numbers were being used to get food assistance. As far as we know, the person was never prosecuted, but simply told she couldn’t get food assistance any more. However, in Jefferson County, they told us there was no way to remove the free lunches from their account for an entire school year. Because we teach our children not to steal, we packed their lunches for an entire year and didn’t allow them to eat the free lunch that they didn’t truly qualify for. Sad that people will abuse the system so readily. Guess some people will try anything if they can get away with it.

  10. 10

    Lisa Marie Easterwood

    Yes! Or throw a few seeds in a pot and grow your own.

  11. 11

    Emmett Haislip

    This new rule encourages people to have kids to be able to get the snap benefits. I’m not sure if that is a good thing.

  12. 12

    Dylan Haynes

    Charles Bush, why is it when it comes to helping the poor it should be my individual choice but when Goldman sacks needs another few billion dollars republicans never suggest they ask individuals to donate tot he cause?

  13. 13

    Valerie Phillips Chramer

    One solution for those who cannot feed themselves is to not have children until you are financially stable to take care of yourself and your family. If you are already not working this is not the time to add more mouths to feed. Maybe if you had to depend on family, churches and food banks for your meals you would be a little more motivated to find employment. I think this is a good step in the right direction.

  14. 14

    Dan Hodo

    Food stamps are not supposed to be a permanent thing. People hit hard times and may need this for short while, I’ve been there. People that have received them for years and years while “looking” for a job are abusing it.

  15. 15

    Reuben Barringer

    SNAP is a Federal Program. Essentially the state just took away about 5 million from federal money to do God only knows with it.

  16. 16

    Peggy Dorriety Jones

    Wow, I didn’t realize people were using other people’s children to support their fraud. Glad you found out.

  17. 17

    Charles Bush

    Who said I believe Goldman sacks should get any money?? Do you think I am a republican?? You assume too much. Don’t get your feelings hurt because I advocate for personal responsibility. And why you stalking my page Tjo Johnson? And I never suggested that I had any interest in what you do. But I do hope you enjoy all that you do. And I hope you have a good day.

  18. 18

    Rachel Clayton Moore

    It said able bodied adults without dependent children. I don’t see a problem with this.

  19. 19

    Tjo Johnson

    Charles Bush you flatter yourself . I don’t have a clue about ” your page” nor do I care to. Bye 👋 Felicia

  20. 20

    Tjo Johnson

    The Trussville Tribune thanks for sharing this

  21. 21

    Tjo Johnson

    My response about feeding the people was regarding the food banks and what little Chucky claimed was an influx of more people at these banks because of these cuts. Don’t get it twisted 👐🏻

  22. 23

    Tjo Johnson

    Lol Chucky you assume too much. Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black isn’t it? You assumed I didn’t help feed the poor. Dylan Haynes nailed it. 👏👏👏

  23. 24

    Khalia Kennedy

    Hard to do that when the system is attack reproductive care making it harder for poor people to get contraceptives

  24. 25

    Ginger Kennedy

    if you live in Jefferson county you can get free birth control from the health clinic.

  25. 26

    Barbara Shepler Phoenix

    What a lot of people don’t realize is that Muslims take care of their own. They help one another, with housing, food, interest free loans, etc. there is fraud in the SNAP and WIC programs, someone needed to step it up and say NO MORE. We as tax payers are footing the bill for these illegals.

  26. 27

    Sharon Gurley-Headley

    I was a single mom with 2 kids ages 1 and 6 and when I moved here and could only find a minimum wage job. Guess what? Because I worked, I couldn’t get food stamps. I think it’s great that if you actually are trying, THEN they step in to help. I know many that refused to get a job because they would loose benefits. Made no sense to me. And no, I stayed workin and just budgeted and caught stuff on sale to feed us. Anyone can do it.

  27. 28

    Janet Nelson Eubanks

    Right. Many people are working two jobs now. How many jobs can anyone do in 24 hours?

  28. 29

    Philip Sharpe

    See there were jobs to be had. Imagine that.

  29. 30

    Rick Latta

    Bull shit Khalia Kennedy

  30. 31

    Amanda Dobbs

    Next you’ll be condemning them for leaving children home alone because they’re always at work and can’t afford childcare. They’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

  31. 32

    Missy Milligan Morris

    I don’t remember condemning anyone 😊

  32. 33

    Amanda Dobbs

    Missy Milligan Morris notice I said “next.”

  33. 34

    Missy Milligan Morris

    But yes. Being the mother of a four year old I personally would advise against leaving children home alone, unattended. It’s a poor choice.

  34. 35

    Missy Milligan Morris

    If you can’t afford children.. don’t have them.

  35. 36

    Grace Ward

    Your rational is the very reason why people have abortions.

  36. 37

    Missy Milligan Morris

    Okay. I am the reason why people have abortions. Lol

  37. 38

    Missy Milligan Morris

    I’m pro life, by the way.

  38. 39

    David Holder

    Back ground use of the food program to trade food purchased for drugs and alcohol. The kids do without anyway so the parents can get high.

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