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    Scott Key

    EJ Hardin Shane McRay

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    Brian Bradley

    Bart Blalock Kevin Lumpkin

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    Bobbie Alexander Bell

    Ross Williams, Stacy Williams

  6. 17

    Leslie West Bryant

    John Keyes Does Hoover have a brewery?

  7. 18

    Randy Mealer

    trussville needs more alcohol related deaths and revenue

  8. 19

    Jennifer Chinnis Lawley

    That’s awesome! Good for Slagheap!

  9. 20

    Michael Saunders

    Great more nasty craft beer! Really needed to add some drunks to that horrible traffic!

  10. 21

    Jeff McDaniel

    Bc there is a direct correlation between craft breweries and alcohol related deaths.

  11. 22

    Jeff McDaniel

    Well considering you would see more people going to the place after work for a drink then leaving after a couple, I don’t think there will be more people on the road during high traffic time. If anything it will probably get a few more cars off the road during the time.

  12. 23

    Karmen Baker Green

    Ted Green of course after we move…

  13. 27

    Massey Willingham

    I’m a beer snob and their beer is seriously the real deal.

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