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    Matt Coleman

    I’m very shocked also

  3. 4

    Dianne Vick


  4. 5

    Joe Domnanovich

    Seems hardly a day goes by without a Center Point crime story.

  5. 6

    Amy Nesbitt Brackett

    Center Point is the ghetto now! I’m to scared to even drive through there!!

  6. 7

    Stephanie Perez

    Jason Harris maybe your stolen bike got sent here

  7. 8

    Kay Hicks

    I won’t drive through there with their speed camera’s . So I guess they are using that money to keep Center Point safe!

  8. 9

    Jason Harris

    Probably so. That bike is long gone unfortunately

  9. 10

    James S Vining

    WTH? A chop shop in Centerpoint? Surely not

  10. 11

    Ann Ruth Eggleton

    No crime there…..haha……it was a nice place once…..we used to shop and eat there…….not for quite a while……too spooky……..love

  11. 12

    Ashley Hallman

    Ronda Collier Hitt Gage Hitt

  12. 13

    Missy Milligan Morris

    The thing I’m not understanding is how these men have higher bonds than the ones I’ve read about who have molested children and whatnot… so backwards

  13. 15

    Kim Glass

    So True. Hell the ones in charge of Center point must be scared to get control because it’s been let go way to Long now thay need help and don’t want to at meant it. But some one needs to step up to the plate and take control. I know family’s that have been their for years and thay are afraid to out to get in their car’s

  14. 16

    Stanley A. Vining Jr.

    Yea – this must be a mistake

  15. 17

    Diann Hays

    It’s like a battlefield there….Day and night…won’t go through there either

  16. 18

    Earlene Gilliland-Johnson

    Will not go through there at all because you get just a tad over one of there white lines and they send you a ticket plus I do not feel safe there anymore.

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