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    Kenny Aldridge

    Not happening. You are a complete joke and a failure as a commissioner and insure your wife is proud of you

  2. 5

    Freddie Flowers Jr.

    As I always said since they started this back in 2009/2010, the NFL was never about patriotism when they aligned themselves for PR with the military…

    It’s about cash. And doing it this way now will actually make the players right because they are being forced to do something that has nothing to do with the sport of football.

    You can’t make kids pray in school, you simply cannot deny then the right. Same holds true here. These are not military men who signed a contract directing action as such to salute stand or whatever.

    I am a former servicemember who served/fought for their right to protest.

    What the NFL should do is state that no protests or demonstrations of such are allowed. If you don’t want to stand or salute, simply shut up. Sit, stand, do a cartwheel if you like, but shut up.

    Once you are done with the game, go find you a flag and kneel all you want, but don’t create a DISTURBANCE, DISRUPTION, OR DISSENT in the workplace, which is the locker room, bus, stadium or whatever the NFL/Team owns or licenses for use for the purpose of generating revenue.


    Just don’t make it a flag or patriotism issue. One of the beautiful things about the USA is that you’re government won’t shoot you for disliking something about your country.

    Ask the North Koreans, Chinese, or Venezuelans what that’s all about.

  3. 6

    Kristine Jones

    Love this! I don’t think many people realize that the Defense Dept. Pays the NFL to do this before the games. Prior to that the players were not on the field for the anthem. Thank you for your service.

  4. 7

    Edwina Glass Williams

    Well, duh. It’s in the nfl rule book. Google it.

  5. 9

    Wayne Poe

    Fred Flowers you are never an ex service member. Remember “both foreign and domestic”.

  6. 10

    Freddie Flowers Jr.

    Correct!!! See what happens when you speak in today’s Spanglish?😂😂😂

  7. 11

    Freddie Flowers Jr.

    The issue is that it’s being discussed in terms of Patriotism…not workplace behavior. And the rule book says nothing about the above. They really have no clarity on that.

  8. 12

    Edwina Glass Williams

    Freddie Flowers Jr. it does describe how to hold helmets and stand facing the flag. If no flag, face music. That is the patriotic clarity to me. It states “players will …”

  9. 14

    Kristine Jones

    It’s not actually in the NFL Rulebook that they have to stand. They are going to meet to get the wording changed.

  10. 17

    Edwina Glass Williams

    well, if it says “players should”, I would hope they had the sense and decency to follow the rule.

  11. 18

    James Nicholas

    Its not in the game rule book, but in the game operations manual. The Rule book covers the regulations of the actual game, the ops manual covers everything else like, stadium safety, clear bags, alcohol policies, minimum field quality etc.

  12. 19

    Kristine Jones

    Yes. But it says should. It does not say players are required to stand. Currently the only thing they could be disciplined for is not being on the field before the start of the anthem.

  13. 22

    Lucy Jackson

    Losing $$$$$. Sorry, too late

  14. 23

    Bill Lowery

    So, it is evident the commissioners morales are dictated by his wallet. He refused to take this stand until now but since ratings and income is down he decides, “they got to stand up”.

  15. 24

    Jerry Mahner

    …because we are losing money from your protests on America.

  16. 26

    Roy Busler

    He’s worried about his job so now it’s stand up time, I’ll tell you what time it is, it’s time for the commissioner to be fired!

  17. 27

    Isaac Apellido

    Simple business. I’d have more respect for him if it were out of reverence for those who fought for our freedoms, but as usual, money talks. The guy with the $12m per year salary isn’t going to sit and let the business fail.

  18. 28

    Kristine Jones

    Should they stand? Yes. Should all Americans stand? Yes. Is it required by law for a private citizen to stand during the anthem? No it’s not. That’s what separates us from authoritarian dictatorships. When we stand it should be because we are proud and respectful. Not because it’s illegal to not stand. So at a public sporting event are they going to kick everyone out of the beer line while the anthem is played? Because if it’s “required” for the players to stand during the anthem then everyone in the stadium should be required also. By the way, the NFL isn’t as concerned with losing out on your money as they are with losing their subsidies and tax breaks.

  19. 29

    Dana McCaslin Thorn

    He’s only saying that now because of the $$$$$ !!! He needs to GO!!

  20. 31

    Bob Herrod

    It’s hurting their bank account, hence the change!

  21. 32

    Roland Hill

    NFL Owners aka Slave Owners …We bought and paid for these African American players, they’re making Millions true. African American when you are working for the man you are still emancipated. We as African Americans need to understand until we work for ourselves and build our own wealth. We will have no voice and no rights in this country. We are told everyday to leave if we don’t won’t to be in this country. We are known as Sons of Bitches and Thugs in this country. We have been F”d over in this country.. White people are going to always have the do as I say mentality yes I said it and I don’t give a damn who don’t like it. I’m tired of the BS. If you’re not respected the hell with them. Tell them to take there money and shove it up their Tiki Torches.

  22. 33

    Joyce Tate Robertson

    He sure changed his mind fast .

  23. 34

    Ann Brown

    to little to late! hurts when it hits the old wallet!!!

  24. 35

    Sharron Byrd

    Keep boycotting! I will not watch another NFL game!

  25. 36

    Melanie Rozelle

    Screw you! Too late. Where were you when all this crap started? I’m not watching the whole season…… You supported these overpaid idiots. You should have stopped it when it started. WE THE PEOPLE pay your salaries. WE are the puppet masters. And you should be fired for not handling this soon enough. #boycottthenflbecauseitsworking.#showthemwhoispayingtheirsalaries

  26. 37

    Melanie Rozelle

    They make too much money, there not going anywhere. They will do what ever they tell them to do. Their not gonna give all that up. That proves to me they dont really give a shit. Money talks!

  27. 38

    Zaneta Lamar

    why are you’ll forcing this on them. If they choose to protest by not standing that’s their right. You are infringing on their First Amendment Right. That’s like forcing a Muslim to go to a Baptist Church to worship.

  28. 40
  29. 41

    Melissa Towe Downing

    How about we boycott the NFL when they hurt animals and get DUIs and commit murder and beat their wives, rather than deciding them protesting is our final straw.

  30. 43

    Mike McGrath


  31. 44

    Donald Richardson

    We were forced to come here.

  32. 46

    Zaneta Lamar

    that don’t mean you have to be forced to stay.

  33. 47

    Kellie Crittenden Yarbrough

    I am not even in the slightest offended by your comment because I am white and I’ll NEVER understand what the African Americans have and do go through. However I do want to make something very clear, I didn’t own a slave and I was not born during the civil rights movement. I know many of my friends parents or grandparents experienced these things and it breaks my heart. But I had nothing to do with it. So please don’t lump all people together. I certainly don’t and I especially don’t judge people by their skin color. I understand you were probably angry when you posted this but if we don’t stop dividing ourselves by color, we will never heal.

  34. 48

    Mike Brewer

    Uh, ya think! At a fine time. It is about the money

  35. 49

    Heather Williams

    DoD probably threatened him with having to repay the money they gave him to start having the teams on the field during the anthem post 9/11.

  36. 50

    Noremac Ressech

    Too late. I refuse to watch a single game going forward. Fuck ’em. Viewership drops, profits drop and now they want to follow their own regulations. Bullshit. Go fuck yourselves.

  37. 51

    Matthew W. Loggins

    I’ll watch again when he’s gone…

  38. 52

    Scott Bates

    Boy oh boy he sure changed his tune real fast when he saw the sponsors $$$$$$$$ going away. If the idiots who play the game don’t wake up they will be looking for work in another field

  39. 53

    Jim Nolan

    Dana McCaslin Thorn pathetic reply.

  40. 55

    Terran Germann

    Tristan, this is just funny. With ratings so far down, now this joke wants to change what he originally stated and now require the football players to stand? That’s what’s sad with this world is people think they can control others because of money. It’s ridiculous.

  41. 57

    April Elizabeth Dadds

    How very true and very sad ! They just don’t get the real reason 🇺🇸

  42. 58

    Kristine Jones

    Joyce Tate Robertson around 2009 the Defense Dept started paying the NFL to have these big flag and anthem ceremonies before the games. This is when the players started being required to be on the field for the anthem. Prior to that they were in the locker room while the anthem was played.

  43. 59

    Tombstone Ted

    “Should stand” but he didn’t say they will or must stand…. this means nothing. Anyway, damage done, NO NFL for me.

  44. 60

    Joyce Tate Robertson

    Oh when Obama was in charge . Got it .

  45. 61
  46. 62

    Jeanette Derby Erb

    Money trail…gov’t subsidies.

  47. 63

    Sam Modder

    Good. BTW, I’m less concerned about motivation than I am by action.

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