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    Shelia Livingston Lowery

    One more great reason to vote for Judge Moore for senator!!!

  2. 2

    Kevin Small

    Considering her husband was twice removed from office for violating the law, I am pretty sure she is not the best source of information on the law.
    It would be kinda acting like asking someone whose first two wives left him for advice on women.

  3. 3

    Toni Harrison Atkins

    Roy Moore believes Sandy Hook happened because God is mad at us.

    This is why Alabama can’t have nice things.

  4. 4

    Ellis Dee

    Please God let Doug Jones win.
    Signed, a Republican.

  5. 5

    Deric Reaves

    I would prefer not to have her assistance! They just want this to help his campaign. Our kids can pray without him!

  6. 6

    Randy Pardue

    In fairness, here is what he actually said, “”You wonder why we’re having shootings, and killings here in 2017? Because we’ve asked for it, We’ve taken God out of everything. We’ve taken prayer out of school, we’ve taken prayer out of council meetings.”

  7. 7

    Sharon Dear Bernard

    Removing him was nothing but Politics by Democrats!

  8. 9

    Kevin Small

    Sharon Dear Bernard or him thinking he was above the law.

  9. 11

    Toni Harrison Atkins

    Randy Pardue yes. That’s an awful thing to believe.

  10. 15

    Joan Williams

    christiams are perscuted for believing in god and the bible . judge roy moore you have our vote

  11. 16

    Cindy Jones King

    I wouldn’t vote for Doug Jones if he was the last person on earth. (That’s the nicest way I could say it)

  12. 17

    Deric Reaves

    Joan Williams thank you! I can always use every prayer. And that is the vents thing she can do to. This is and was a student led movement. If politicians and administrators get involved it loses the power, not to mention creates a violation to the constitution. As long as the children are running it, the FFRF has no power or ability to do anything.

  13. 18

    Jay Bonner

    There they go again,trying to use Jesus for political purposes!

  14. 19

    Angie Bunt Smith

    If we don’t want God in our schools, workplace or homes, then how can we expect Him to protect us from all the evil and violence in those same places? We asked Him to leave by saying it’s against the law to pray, read our Bibles or talk about Him, so we are reaping what we sow. Christians have to stand up and protect our rights.

  15. 20

    Shannon Harris

    Sounds to me like he was right!!!!

  16. 21

    Brett Taylor

    Yeah , pander to all the idiots.How bout passing Medical Marijuana and progressing like a real state.Im somebody’s wife! Can I play with the laws!!?? Yay look at me everyone!!!I’m doing shit!!

    I cant wait to move.Alabama is so backwood 18th Century.Im done with it.

  17. 22

    John Quixote Massey

    Christians* are persecuted for belief in God* and the Bible*. However, that does not occur in the United States of America, in part due to monolithic representation at all levels of government, and a near sacred constitution that guarantees the protection of free exercise. You are not a victim Mrs. Williams, and it’s pretty insulting to Christian martyrs to claim that you are.

  18. 23

    Dylan Haynes

    Because his wife clearly doesnt respect the constitution either?

  19. 24

    Bob Hicks

    Doug Jones will just fall in line with Nancy Palosi, Chuck Shulmer and all the other very far left democrats up there and hinder our wonderful President Trump from accomplishing anything!

  20. 25

    Kay Hicks

    Can somebody tell me what Freedom of Religion can do if Hewitt keeps prayer . At some point this has all got to stop. Christians have rights too.

  21. 27

    Richard Norton

    Angie Bunt Smith Ms. Smith..try praying silently. You might find it comforting. No one can stop you or any school student or teacher from Praying. That’s a myth.

  22. 28

    Richard Norton

    They can and WILL take you to court..where you will lose. The Trussville School system will spend a lot of money..only to lose. There have been previous SCOTUS rulings about this.

  23. 29

    Cotton Isbell

    Keep prayer at the games.

  24. 30

    Charles Moore

    Trussville will do just fine without her help she is not needed but most of all not wanted

  25. 31

    Toni Harrison Atkins

    Ah yes, those poor godless Amish kids in that schoolhouse just needed more prayer🙄

  26. 32

    Scott Buttram

    Sharon Dear Bernard That isn’t true. Moore was removed by Alabama Court of the Judiciary, the majority of which were chosen by Republicans.

  27. 33

    Tjo Johnson

    Keep praying… they can’t stop what’s going on in the stands. Freedom of speech. The kids who have been raised in that manner will follow suit and respect the prayer. Shut THEM down. Not you.

  28. 34

    Graham Walden

    Because it’s the democrats causing Trump to get nothing done…..oh wait. The GOP controls Congress. Next!

  29. 35

    Graham Walden

    The constitution is a pretty important document. It seems fairly unpatriotic to not know the basics of it’s content. You do have rights. State funded prayer isn’t one of them. I learned that at Clay elementary.

  30. 36

    Sam Vining

    Just keep praying and vote Doug Jones 12/12/17.

  31. 37

    Dana McCaslin Thorn

    Pathetic comment Toni Harrison Atkins!!

  32. 38

    Dana McCaslin Thorn

    Ellis Dee, Good luck with that!! Lol

  33. 39

    Deb Bolton Wakefield

    State funded? I never get a bill for praying!!

  34. 40

    Jimmy Berning

    Trouble trouble trouble. Send her away. Just pray. What they gonna do

  35. 41

    Jennifer Chinnis Lawley

    Graham Walden pretty sure the prayer is free, nobody’s funding it.

  36. 43

    Joe Singleton

    Time for a little civil disobedience. Worked for MLK.

  37. 44

    Sharon Dear Bernard

    Scott Buttram we agree to disagree!

  38. 45

    Graham Walden

    Jennifer Chinnis Lawley. It’s at a school that is State funded. State funds help pay for the school, therein the game being played. It’s pretty simple and clear. Stop shouting at the rain. Trust the simple truths in life. You will cause yourself much unneeded stress by trying to change them. Our ancestors left England because of state sanctioned religion. That’s what our forefathers wrote so passionately about. And, why it is in our Constitution. The separation of church and state.

  39. 46

    Frank G. Hamby

    I assume it’ll be okay with the Moore family if somebody pulls out a prayer rug and faces Mecca

  40. 47

    Joe Singleton

    You will need prayer as never before if Doug get elected. He is the epitome of today’s democrat. He will get along with Nancy just fine.

  41. 48

    Joey Blalock

    Since when did y’all become concerned about the constitution? Dylan what’s your opinion on gun control? Abortion? Don’t answer! We already know!

  42. 49

    Darrell Pennington

    Graham quit running to the Gates of Hell. Hell only takes volunteers. John 3:16

  43. 50

    Tom Hagood

    Progressives, why don’t you just turn into the wind and piss or pull on Superman’s cape, much safer and effective strategies!

  44. 51

    Tim Roberts

    I just want someone to fight the FFR one time. While I’m not sure the Moore’s are the best suited I would not refuse their assistance and if there foundation want to dole out a few dollars to help pay for the fight I wouldn’t refuse that either no matter what my or their politics are.

  45. 52

    Jonathan Wood

    Show me where in the Constitution you see separation of church and state.
    It’s not there.
    The establishment clause, is however, but that prohibits a national religion, not the issue we are discussing.

  46. 53

    Tom Hagood

    Do everything you can to awaken Moore’s rabble and kneecap Doug Jones, smooth move!

  47. 54

    Alicia Eads

    Doug Jones is a joke and would be a nightmare for this state. I’ll never vote for him. Signed a republican who knows better.

  48. 55

    Quintella LovingLife

    If you don’t want to hear the pray then come to the game late, put on your earphones, ignore the prayer or what ever it takes for you to NOT hear the prayer. There are some people who demand hearing the prayer… now what? You want to take away my right to hear or participate in the prayer? I think NOT!

  49. 56

    Alicia Eads

    Graham sure they hold a majority seats but the number required to pass things still required some democratic support.

  50. 57

    Sam Vining

    He is a moderate. Remember those? Moore is absolutely nuts and job growth here in Alabama will come to a halt if Moore wins. Alabama suffers under moore. Trump didn’t even want him. That speaks volumes.

  51. 58

    Graham Walden

    “The First Amendment has erected a wall between church and state. That wall must be kept high and impregnable. We could not approve the slightest breach.” -Thomas Jefferson

    Trussville takes money from the State and National governments. Therefore there can be no religious ceremonies, such as prayer, led by school officials. It’s pretty simple y’all. It really is. You want prayer like this before a game? Be a private school with no government funding.

  52. 59

    Cathy Bean

    Keep the prayer HTHS…

  53. 60

    Leslie Hickerson

    Jonathan Wood, if public Christian prayer is is the only prayer offered and tolerated, then it is very much what you’re discussing. Unless, of course, everyone is willing to support and participate in similarly public expressions of faith from all faiths.

  54. 61

    Jonathan Wood

    The phrase “separation between church & state” is generally traced to a January 1, 1802 letter by Thomas Jefferson, addressed to the Danbury Baptist Association in Connecticut, and published in a Massachusetts newspaper.

  55. 62

    Jonathan Wood

    Still not in the Constitution.
    And round and round we go.

  56. 63

    Graham Walden

    Jonathan Wood be smarter than this. I know you are. That phrase is not in the Constitution, I’ll grant you that. But, one of its writer’s is who I quoted. This is a very basic concept. The most basic. And, if it was a Muslim prayer you all would have a duck.

  57. 64

    Jonathan Wood

    The only problem with that is that we are founded on Christian beliefs.
    Like it or not.

  58. 65

    Jonathan Wood

    Jefferson called the Bible the cornerstone
    For American liberty

  59. 66

    Jonathan Wood

    Patrick Henry said
    Our country was founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ

  60. 67

    Jonathan Wood

    Of the 55 men who formed the Constitution
    Fifty-two were active members of their church

  61. 68

    Jonathan Wood

    James Madison said, “We’ve staked our future on our ability to fallow
    The Ten Commandments with all our heart”
    These men believed you couldn’t even call yourself an American
    If you subvert the Word of God

  62. 69

    Graham Walden

    The Jefferson quote isn’t direct. Took 2 seconds to debunk that one. I don’t think I’ll continue. But you go ahead. Keep shouting at the rain.

  63. 70

    Jonathan Wood

    I just thought we were conversing. Lol

  64. 71

    Graham Walden

    You are using indirect quotes to bolster your argument. Henry didn’t say that either. It’s a third person account from 1956. Google is useful.

  65. 72

    Jonathan Wood

    Ok, so we’re tied. Got it.

  66. 73

    Graham Walden

    I’m not keeping score.

  67. 75

    Graham Walden

    The Madison one is fake too. 0 for 3. Want to keep trying?

  68. 78

    Jonathan Wood

    Actually Madison one is correct.

    Here’s a few more to keep you busy.

    (UC) “The highest glory of the American Revolution was this – that it connected, in one indissoluble bond, the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.” – John Quincy Adams
    “The Bible is the cornerstone of liberty. A student’s perusal of the sacred volume will make him a better citizen, a better father, a better husband.” – Thomas Jefferson
    “The Bible is the rock on which our Republic rests.” – Andrew Jackson
    “In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government, ought to be instructed.” – Noah Webster
    (UC) “We have staked the future of American civilization upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.” – James Madison
    (UC) “He who shall introduce into public affairs the principles of primitive Christianity will change the face of the world.” – Benjamin Franklin
    (UC) “It can not be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religions but on the gospel of Jesus Christ.” – Patrick Henry
    “The religion which has introduced civil liberty is the religion of Christ and His apostles…to this we owe our free constitutions of government.” – Noah Webster
    “Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed the conviction that these liberties are the gift of God?” – Thomas Jefferson
    “Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly implore His protection and favor.” – George Washington
    “Suppose a nation in some distant Region should take the Bible for their only law book, and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited…. What a utopia, what a paradise would this region be.” – John Adams
    “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams

  69. 79

    Cathy Runels

    Disappointing. No more votes their way.

  70. 80

    Kristin Myers Martin

    Considering our schools systems are funded through our tax dollars, it seems to me like we should be able to vote on issues like this. Majority rules and move on. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!!!

  71. 81

    Graham Walden

    Lol. Not a chance. Good day.

  72. 82

    Ben Atkins

    Roy Moore is a cult leader and you’ve drank his Kool Aid and joined his cult if you don’t agree with me

  73. 83

    Kimberly Rich Fulmer

    I don’t think it was anyone at the game.I live across the way from the stadium and you can hear everything over the PA.Pretty sure it’s some of the people in the neighborhood/neighborhoods in front of the Civic Center.Guess they have never heard of Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Religion.

  74. 84

    Ben Atkins

    Bob Hicks our “wonderful” President Trump??? I see you’re old, have you already gone senile?

  75. 85

    Tammy McCown

    Facts, dear.
    You can agree to disagree all day but a fact is still a fact, contrast to what the trump administration think.

  76. 86

    Schuyler LaGroue

    Trussville does not need the Moore’s help!! Thank you!!

  77. 87

    Tammy McCown

    Please tell me how Christians are persecuted?
    Are we denied the religion of our choice? Are we allowed to attend tne church of our choice?
    In the US, are we arrested tortured, killed?
    Please explain you definition of persecution.

  78. 88

    Tammy McCown

    Oh, lord, no one has taken the ability to pray out of schools. No one has taken God out of schools.
    Anyone, at any time can pray, anywhere. Does God not hear if it isnt on a loud speaker?

  79. 89

    Tammy McCown

    Alicia Farmer He’s a joke?
    He is a stellar person that has fought for justice his entire career.

  80. 90

    Tammy McCown

    The Moore’s modus operandi.

  81. 91

    Jimmy Adams

    You are not a Republican if you wrote that statement.

  82. 93

    Tammy McCown

    This issue has been decided by the Supreme Court.

  83. 94

    Ellis Dee

    I guarantee you that I am a republican. I just don’t want a bible thumper holding back the state as he has already done. He is a liar and a hypocrite. He shouldn’t have even been able to run as far as I’m concerned.

  84. 95

    Chealen Martin

    I’ll actively vote against the Trussville school superintendent. Easy enough decision. praying over a loud speaker is a lot less offensive than the rap songs that are played loudly all the way down to pee wee football…

  85. 96
  86. 97

    Deb Bolton Wakefield

    No, the FFRC targets organizations that can’t afford to fight back.

  87. 99

    Michael Crabtree

    and if the prayers are Muslim? Satanic?

  88. 100

    Chealen Martin

    Michael Crabtree if they are offensive they aren’t allowed… use common sense here. If they are satanic, that would most likely offend people. If people want to lead a Muslim prayer that doesn’t hurt my feelings or bother me as long as they don’t end with “death to infidels”

    Why don’t liberals get offended when rap music that is blatantly disrespectful to women is played on the loud speaker? Bc it doesn’t fit their narrative… and people look for times where Christians are persecuted… here you go

  89. 101

    Sharon Carroll Bradshaw

    Yeah ID RATHER HAVE A SENATOR that believes that babies do not DESERVE protection until after they are born and a senator that wants boys to go to shower and bathroom and locker rooms with MY DAUGHTER
    SMDH – a man stands for GOD AND ALL YOU IDIOTS GO APE SHIT!! Doug Jones is the TOTAL OPPOSITE I AND of what MOST ALABAMIANS believe but let’s vote for him anyway cuz ROY MOORE BELIEVES IN GOD! EMBARRASSING

  90. 102

    Sharon Carroll Bradshaw


  91. 103

    Ginny Shaw Landrum

    Dylan Haynes I think she minds Roy!!!

  92. 104

    Toni J Baker

    May god have mercy on her and the rest of the people and Trussville that wants pray to end

  93. 105

    Bradley Clark

    Joan Williams
    These are not “Biblical” times Joan! No ones burning Christians on a steak! I think you can bow your head anytime and anywhere and not be even noticed!

  94. 106

    Bradley Clark

    Angie Bunt Smith
    So I guess if you prayed to “Him”, before a game to protect the players from injury and the fans from…. whatever and a player gets hurt or /and someone falls down the steps, this would give you a reason to be upset with “Him” because he didn’t protect everyone? You didn’t ask him to leave. So.. what happened?!
    So, same scenario except you didn’t have prayer before the game. Player gets hurt, fan falls down! Now see! No need to blame God for not following through!
    Gods happy! Everybody’s happy!

  95. 107
  96. 108

    Richard Norton

    “Constitution mythbuster”. 😎Right wing source..has no credibility.

  97. 109

    Richard Norton

    Kristin Myers Martin..some Christians feel there are other ways to “serve the Lord” without praying out loud. God still hears your prayers if they are said quietly.

  98. 110

    Richard Norton

    Ms. Martin..school superintendent is NOT an elective position, but your rhetoric really “sounds” impressive.

  99. 111

    Chealen Martin

    thanks Dick Norton. I’ll change my post to reflect “board of education officials”

  100. 112

    Jennifer Chinnis Lawley

    So you’re saying only left wing sources have credibility? 😎

  101. 113

    Judy Baker

    I wish people would read the original documents of our founding fathers and those who created the documents to govern our country, and learn what separation of church and state is and is not instead of relying on what politicians and groups like FFR represent as the truth. Separation is our freedom to choose the religion we wish to practice and not have it imposed upon us as was done in Europe/England before this country declared its independence.

  102. 114

    Naman Renfro

    Exactly Judy, the non-Christians at these events hosted on government property should not have any particular religion imposed on them. If people want to practice their religion they can do it at church.

  103. 116

    Michelle Bate

    The Constitution is the law of the land. Not the Bible. America is a Secular Nation. Not a Christian nation. No amount of wishful thinking will ever make your deity real. Public schools are tax payer funded. This means no Religion in schools. My not yours nor any other religions. I am sure if any other religion pulled this stunt all of you Christians would be hopping mad and having a fit. If you want prayer in your school then send your children to a Christian school. Send them to church. Pray with them on your own time NOT ON MY DIME…I am so sick of this crap in Alabama. Stop shoving this crap down people’s throats. Not everyone is brainwashed. Young people need to go to school for an education. Education is the only way for them to learn that Religion is basically ignorance and a lack of science and logic.

  104. 117

    Warner Hibbard

    Hey, let’s revive the Salem witch trials. It was religious based but after forensics it was found to be a land grab. Kinda like Moore’s charities.

  105. 118

    Chealen Martin

    Elective or elected? If we just want to get on the “I’m going to correct people I don’t know train…”

  106. 119

    Sandra Mosley Gerhardt

    As a member of the Panel of American Women in Birmingham years ago, I learned a different perspective than I’m seeing here. A Jewish mother told of her little girl being made to “go stand in the hall” at school because she failed to stand & recite the Lord’s Prayer with the other children. Her mom said that because of that type of repetitive abuse her child had to receive psychiatric care. This is just one of many, many stories I could share – from black mamas, Asian mamas, even Roman Catholic mamas. And this was the early 1970s. Our nation has become much more diverse since then. So has Alabama & even Trussville. As a lifelong follower of Jesus, I believe that Christian awareness & kindness towards those different from me is the way Christ would have me walk.

  107. 120

    Jimmy Adams

    Prove what you write, not what the Democrats say.

  108. 121

    Matt Mookie Moor

    Keep Praying! The World needs more of it.

  109. 122

    David Wilkinson

    How many of your children attend Trussville schools?

  110. 123

    Michelle Bate

    Absolutely Zero right now. But both of my sons went to high school there. It doesn’t matter if I have to a student there or not. The law is the law. I pay taxes that fund all public schools in Alabama. Keep the religious garbage out of schools.

  111. 124

    Becky Watwood-Gay

    Good!!! Don’t let them stop prayer!!

  112. 126

    Becky Watwood-Gay

    I am not believing what I’m reading! Take prAyer away? If y’all do you’ll suffer the consequences.

  113. 127
  114. 128

    Justin Wood

    They’re funded through my tax dollars, too, and I’m opposed to it.

  115. 129

    Tammy McCown

    Trussville school board is appointed.

  116. 130

    Scott Landers

    Yep…all they want to. Just keep it down while they are praying before the games.

  117. 131

    Tammy McCown

    I was raised Catholic in the South. You are very, very right.

  118. 133

    Chealen Martin

    Tammy McCown is that true? Maybe it’s not a city wide election, but it looks like a vote happens after nominations http://images.pcmac.org/Uploads/TrussvilleCity/TrussvilleCity/Departments/DocumentsSubCategories/Documents/Minutes%20-%2006-05-06.pdf

    And if those board members support pulling prayer, we will get a lot of petitions started and I’ll get the necessary signatures.

  119. 134

    Allison Burke

    Yes!!! This is America!! A CHRISTIAN nation–founded on Christian values….we should absolutely pray @ games!!!! ❤️ the separation of church and state was made to keep the government out of our churches….contrary to the liberal’s opinion.

  120. 135
  121. 136

    Della Goldsmith

    Hate everywhere, very sad for you.

  122. 137
  123. 138

    Tammy McCown

    Omg. What are you talking about?? You posted a copy of the minutes of the school board meeting. Why???
    Perhaps this helps:

    Trussville City Schools is governed by a five-member Board who are appointed by the City Council for five-year term.

  124. 139

    Warner Hibbard

    Becky Watwood-Gay
    Not kidding. He thumps that bible against everything but himself, he is righteousness is like egotism at a football game and he has no constituents except for other egotistical bible thumpers that don’t want to consider anything but their own narrow view.

    There are other people in this world. Look around and consider what others see. Your support for Moore is not a consideration of what he has done.

  125. 140

    Lisa Young King

    Every knee will bow on that day.

  126. 141

    Leslie Hickerson

    Sharon Carroll Bradshaw Good Lord, , it sounds like you’re looking for those exact five words in that specific order because you’re struggling to extract meaning from complex reading material. Separation of church and state is very much part of the first amendment, but I can see how you got confused. The first amendment doesn’t directly refer to it as such, nor is it bolded and in all caps. Jefferson was writing about the concept and practice. The Constitution is not a word search.

  127. 142

    Amber Busler Donlan

    If I’m reading this right they’re saying that they’re using the PA system to have the prayer and that is what they want stopped, Not asking that people should stop praying all together.

  128. 144

    Adam Bryant McAllister

    “Agree to dissagree” 😂😂😂

    Guess what, meth is now legal in Alabama. So if you get caught by the cops, just “agree to dissagree”!!!

  129. 145

    Adam Bryant McAllister

    He just simply and accurately saying, “you’re wrong.”

  130. 146

    Adam Bryant McAllister

    Because superman is not real. Neither is half the crap in your head.

  131. 147

    Adam Bryant McAllister

    Or… pray before the game, somewhere else?

  132. 148

    Adam Bryant McAllister

    Trussville city schools cant afford to fight back? 😂😂😂
    City council would raise a 1 cent sales tax if they had to, which they dont…

  133. 149

    Adam Bryant McAllister

    Your taxs dollars go to a government thats says praying at government funded events is illegal. Thats why.

  134. 150

    Adam Bryant McAllister

    Seems like hate is not caring about others… 🤔

    How is it sad for someone to want everyone included in extra curriculars?

  135. 151

    Michelle Bate

    Religion is not an extra curricular. Religion is a Religion. Do you guys know that Islam Judaism and Christianity are of the same Abrahamic Deity? So you are saying it is OK for RELIGION to be taught as an extra curricular activity as long as it is Christianity. Just not Judaism or Satanism. Or Islam. Am I right? Just your Religion and none of the other ones. This is why your is not allowed. If you have one then you open the door for all of them. America is not a Christian nation it is what is called Secular. Separation of church and state is the law of the land. Regardless of your ignorant wishful thinking. Adam Bryant McAllister. Della Goldsmith. David Wilkinson. Speak up. Tell us how you want your God in schools but not the ones you don’t believe in.

  136. 152

    Michelle Bate

    Della Goldsmith. When telling the truth is considered hate then one must be considered a brainwashed fool. You have fallen in line through the Propaganda. You must be so proud.

  137. 153

    Adam Bryant McAllister

    Michelle Bate check yourself… im referring to the football game, not religion. Football IS an extra curricular.

    My point being, extra curriculars, on a public level – should be secular.

  138. 154

    Adam Bryant McAllister

    Also, for as much as you know on theology and it’s history, I’m surprised you dont know the first thing about grammar, including reading comprehension.

  139. 155

    Quintella LovingLife

    I do understand… but they can’t afford to lose the right to pray also.

  140. 156

    Georgie Rowan Allen

    I do not think they should be told not to pray What’s wrong with people!!!

  141. 157

    Naman Renfro

    No one is being told not to pray. They’re just being told they can’t use a government facility to pray/endorse a particular religion. That is already illegal.

  142. 159

    Kathy Lands Canada

    I would love to see prayer in schools and games. Why should we stop praying because of a few people don’t want to hear it and punish the 5,000 that do. That has never may any sense to me.

  143. 160

    Naman Renfro

    Which kinds of prayers would you like to see Kathy; Islamic prayers, Satanic prayers or Christian prayers? Because if you have one, you have to have them all…cause you know, the constitution.

  144. 161

    Kathy Lands Canada

    I really don’t care about the constitution, God said to share the gospel. Not when we feel like it or when it’s convenient. And I don’t care what people think. I care what God thinks. If everyone wants to exercise their religion then so be it.

  145. 162

    Naman Renfro

    Are you sure you don’t care about the the constitution? Because it grants US citizens some pretty decent privelages not afforded to a lot of other countries. One of those privelages is the fact that you can’t use government property to endorse your particular brand of religion. If you want to share the gospel, the constitution also protects your right to do so, just not using taxpayer’s money.

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