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    Henry Brock Allen

    Jon Wells , Marion Pettus ,Cody Crouch, Ryan Crouch

  2. 5

    Brad Glover

    Finally these scumbags get what they deserved!!

  3. 7

    Johnny R Kelly

    Next to go after Leeds Mayor next….Crooked as Hell

  4. 8

    Diane Cochran Tatum

    Its about TIME!!! Good job AG

  5. 9

    Cindy Cody

    wow glad to see this they 900.00 to fix a bathtub faucet that water line had leak going to tub

  6. 10

    Cindy Cody

    was not fixed had to make them come back

  7. 11

    Jae Everett Skinner

    Good. this company was so crooked. We called them the night we closed on our house bc water was coming out of everything. Inside, outside…it had been sitting for quite sometime. He walked around for less than thirty minutes. He didn’t even get tools out. The other guy sat in the car on his phone. When they were leaving, they handed us a bill for close to 500.00. They said it was a full “inspection.” The proce to fix everything was close to 10k. We had someone else do EVERYTHING they listed for less than 1200. Crooks!

  8. 12

    John Patterson

    Used them one time 10+ years ago at our Lake house. I was tied up and couldn’t get there. One small pinhole in copper pipe. Easily accessible in crawl space. Tech repaired with shark bite fitting in 15 minutes. Charged my wife $430.00. I called because I was sure there was some mistake. No that was what they charge. I went back behind him and soldered the fitting properly with a torch. I’m glad to hear that finally others will not be victimized.

  9. 13

    Linda Hamilton Vickers

    Johns not much better in my opinion. Will never use them again

  10. 14
  11. 15

    John Michael Brewer

    He has been doing people wrong for many many years

  12. 17

    Philip Sharpe

    About 10 years too late….

  13. 18

    Lucy Jackson

    Surrender his license !!!

  14. 21

    Judy Hulsey Acton

    Thank goodness! Got my money and I still had to hire someone else to do the job.

  15. 23

    Melanie Saunders Hightower

    He charged us 5000 emergency visit to replace pipes for blockage!

  16. 25

    Janice Erwin

    They charged me $500.+ to replace a toilet which I bought last year I still have the receipt.

  17. 26
  18. 27

    Cindy Logsdon

    Let me guess!! Disposal issues! I helped create that law and proud of it!

  19. 28

    Lacey Alvis

    Call Kris n Co Inc for all your plumbing/ gas needs!!!!

  20. 31
  21. 32

    Cynthia Moore Alldredge

    That is great…. I wish the AG would have been there a year ago to help us with American Built Windows. Luther Stranger’s office would not even try to help and this company has been ripping off folks for years.

  22. 33

    Thomas Frost

    Anna Kate Gruendler show this to Louis

  23. 34

    Peggy Dorriety Jones

    Cathy LeGore, this is what I mentioned to you today.

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