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  1. 1

    Phyllis DeGrado

    Let’s keep letting them in!

  2. 2

    Ann Benson-Richardson McCutcheon

    and treating them better than the American citizen! Disgusting!

  3. 3

    Vickie Cobb

    Diversity visa? And was an Uber driver!

  4. 4

    Mary Frame

    IKR, what they heck is that? We need a overhaul of the visa process, that is one of many categories that needs to go. Cut the visa numbers in half permanently.

  5. 5

    Susan Woodham

    I’m just shocked they called it terrorism so soon. How are the dems gonna spin this?

  6. 6

    Josh Burgans

    Mary Frame My thoughts. No need to limit Visas from certain countries, just reduce visas to maybe 20,000/year. H1B visas and student visas are killing the job market and causing tuition costs to increase exponentially.

  7. 8

    Arlene Sanders

    And People want to Let them Keep coming in
    I say Build Wall Stop letting them in her I don’t care What anyone says I’m sick of them killing People here

  8. 9

    Nancy Smith

    Oh no! Just used uber twice these past two days. Better think before I do it again. Never know who’s picking you up.

  9. 10

    Doris Alexander Harrison

    A diversity visa?? What is that??!!

  10. 12

    Cindy Wood

    Where do you propose this wall go exactly? He isn’t even from Mexico!!

  11. 13

    Casi Carden Selph

    And these Yahoos want to let every Tom Dick and Harry in the U.S. wonder why that’s a BAD idea

  12. 14

    Tjo Johnson

    And he will be found guilty and we will be supporting his ass in jail. Don’t even want to see his ugly face.

  13. 15

    Caroline Armstrong Amaral

    Deport these Muslim immigrants, both good and bad. If not a US citizen, go back to your own country.

  14. 16

    Allen Long

    These people are full of hate yet the tolerance and acceptance crowd doesn’t seem to ever want to preach their PC message to them. Wonder why?

  15. 17

    Allen Long

    I’m sure someone is going to read this and get offended if I don’t clarify that I’m talking about fundamentalist muslims and muslim terrorists.

  16. 18
  17. 19

    Kathy Sills

    We continue to allow these people invade our country….these are evil people with evil in tgeir hearts…why wound him?…we don’t need his kind here.

  18. 20

    Kathy Sills

    In other words…No entry from these countries…he isn’t from mexico …oh but the drugs that are ruining so many young lives….bulid it

  19. 21
  20. 22

    Chuck Browning

    And he will be in an American prison to radicalize others 😡

  21. 23

    Tjo Johnson

    Chuck Browning I know. This should be an automatic and immediate death sentence regardless of what the state laws are on execution. I mean the same day he is found guilty.

  22. 24

    Lindsey Maddox Bowman

    So how are you going to keep the Stephen Paddocks, the Adam Lanzas, the James Holmes, the Dylann Roofs of the world out?

  23. 25

    Joseph Yarchak

    So…. are you suggesting that just because we have these domestic problems, that this is why we must get more of the same, but it’s OK because these would be foreigners ?… Lindsey Maddox Bowman…

  24. 26

    Lindsey Maddox Bowman

    Nope. I’m just pointing out the fact that not all terrorists are foreign nationals. 😊

  25. 27

    Joey Blalock

    This blood is on Obama! Trumps right! When will you people learn that these people don’t want peace or compromise! They want you dead!

  26. 28

    Joey Blalock

    So keep the foreign nationals out! Lindsey they want you dead too!

  27. 30

    Keith Pate

    90% of all terrorist attacks are muslim

  28. 31

    Becki Barnett

    Should have shot him in the head instead of the butt.

  29. 32

    Becki Barnett

    Because some people’s heads are where this guy got shot.

  30. 34

    Joey Blalock

    And it will stay there! Dumbass

  31. 35

    Angela Hager

    A mass shooting without political or religious motivation is not classified as a terrorist attack, by proper definition. Mass shootings, as horrible as they are, are usually committed by people who have snapped mentally; they are not killing in the name of their god, Allah.

  32. 36

    Joe Singleton

    Leave it to the insane liberal to introduce poison into a healthy body or decide that Ireland needs some poisonous snakes. We don’t need muslims in this country.

  33. 37

    Marie Armstrong

    There is no way that I am going to get in a car with a complete stranger! Evidently Uber is too loose with their drivers back ground checks. They just want the vehicles to be so so. Be damned what the driver is like!

  34. 38

    Alicia Thorn Chambless

    Lindsey Maddox Bowman

    I don’t recall any of the murderers on your list screaming out, “Allahu Akbar!” 🤔

  35. 39
  36. 40

    Lindsey Maddox Bowman

    But I guess what you’re saying is that they’re ok & what they did is fine because they didn’t do it in the name of their religion. That’s cool. 😊

  37. 41
  38. 42

    Amanda Williams

    Say it louder for those in the back Lindsey!

  39. 43

    Joshua Smith

    allahu akbar is just a synonym for “god is good”, but im sure you don’t give the sideeye to all the people you hear say that every day

  40. 45

    Joshua Smith

    ill give you $100 if you can cogently explain what building a wall in addition to the wall already on the US/Mexico border will accomplish

  41. 46

    Joshua Smith

    the wall doesn’t stop the drugs either, kathy

  42. 47

    Taneshia Granger

    What about the Nazi who plowed through the crowd and killed that girl or the Las Vegas massacre? I guess it’s ok if one of our own kills us. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  43. 48

    Roland Hill

    Taneshia Granger He was white he wasn’t a threat

  44. 49

    Mike Clark

    He killed people. Why let him just go home?

  45. 51

    Tanya Samples Carey

    No. It means Allah is the greatest. Allah is who they kill for. NOT GOD!

  46. 52

    Tommy Cory

    Why do Americans keep taking up for terrorists, Muslim terrorists Muslims are fighting to take over the world. It is not a religion. It’s a civilization takeover.

  47. 54

    Tanya Samples Carey

    Angela Hager with what he was shouting (translated as Allah is the greatest) I have to disagree.,

  48. 55

    Angela Hager

    Hi Tanya. I was referring to the “white men commit more terrorist attacks” post. Those individuals kill because they are evil/mentally ill, not because they are carrying out the “will” of their Allah. That is what differentiates a mass shooting from a terrorist attack.

  49. 56

    Joey Blalock

    They do it because they have been conditioned to believe that there are only a few bad ones! I wish they would travel to some of these countries and see for themselves! These young ladies on here would not even be allowed to speak or show their faces!

  50. 57

    Marie Armstrong

    Whatever happened to the Boston bomber that survived? Still setting in jail or what?

  51. 58

    Michele Perkins

    We have enough of our own problems,, we don’t need to be importing them.

  52. 59

    Lindsey Maddox Bowman

    I thought this was an interesting take on what makes it a terrorist attack: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/01/world/terror-attacks-vegas-nyc.html

  53. 60

    Lindsey Maddox Bowman

    Tanya Samples Carey, Allah is the word for God in the Abrahamic religions: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allah?wprov=sfla1

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