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    Charlie Dunn

    Nick Lambert this is what we saw yesterday

  2. 2

    Georgia Harvey

    What caused the accident

  3. 3

    Jonathan Temple

    The driver of the white SUV blacked out

  4. 4

    Mallory Nicole Austin

    ^that has not been confirmed. Multiple reports said she’d been speeding at high rates and weaving in and out of traffic for about 3 lights back. My in laws are the ones left in ICU with multiple injuries and they have not said that that is in fact what happened.

  5. 5

    Jan O. Smith

    Please be careful with what you post in case this goes to court. Praying for a successful recovery.

  6. 6

    Mallory Nicole Austin

    I didn’t post anything except not to say what it is since the cause hasn’t been released yet. I didn’t state anything that the article didn’t state.

  7. 7

    Scott White

    Mallory Nicole Austin
    Prayers for your in laws

  8. 9

    Jennifer Jebeles Beaver

    Prayers for your in-laws. I hope they have a fast recovery

  9. 10

    Dennis Williams

    The driver of the white SUV did black out and her daughter could get her foot off the gas pedal. Sorry for your in laws praying for all involved.

  10. 11

    Mallory Nicole Austin

    Dennis Williams sending you a PM

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