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Argo Hardware: Family-owned, customer-friendly service makes local business unique

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By Nathan Prewett

For residents of Argo and surrounding areas, convenience is defined by Argo Hardware. Located in the heart of a close-knit community, this small, family-owned establishment offers a big selection of hardware and grocery items, not to mention some of the friendliest customer service around.

The grocery side of the store. Photo by Nathan Prewett.

Owners Glen and Shea Waldrop purchased the store just over a year ago from his father-in-law, John and mother-in-law, Ellen O’Rear. In doing so, Waldrop maintained not only his family’s connection to the business but the family-oriented feel of the store as well.

A father of five, Waldrop said he wanted to move on from his old job to one where he could work with family.

“I was in construction for a while, and I just thought it was just time,” he said of his decision to buy Argo Hardware. “I thought it would be good to carry on by keeping it in the family and just something for me and the kids to do together and all that good stuff.”

And if tools, groceries and the like sound like a lot for a small store, Argo Hardware also has a gas station with diesel, off-road diesel and non-ethanol fuel.

“We actually supply that 24/7,” said Waldrop. “So, even when we’re not open, you can still get fuel with pay-at-the-pump. That’s just one of the things we wanted to do for the community.”

Inside Argo Hardware, you’ll come across two different worlds. The convenience side of the store is stocked with a selection ranging from soft drinks to tobacco. The hardware side offers a variety of general hardware, automotive, plumbing and electrical.

“Just about anything to do with hardware, we have,” Waldrop said. “We also carry feed for livestock, as well as Victor and Diamond dog foods.”

The largest part of Argo Hardware’s customer base is repeat business, which is not unusual in a small community. But that, said Waldrop, is one of the things that makes owning a business in Argo special.

“We’re proud of our repeat customers,” he said. “We try to think of ourselves as a family store where we try to remember people’s names. We like to carry everything and be a big store in that sense, but we love the small store feel. So, we like everybody to come in and feel at home and feel welcome, but also want them to find exactly what they need.”

Waldrop feels that the way Argo Hardware handles its customers is what sets it apart from others in the business.

“Customer service and hands-on attention are what you get when you’re here,” he said. “We’re more than happy to help, and we try to be as customer friendly as possible. We make every effort to keep customers from leaving with a bad opinion or a bad thought because we want them to come back.”

Argo Hardware is located on 335 U.S. 11 and can be reached at 205-467-0294.

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