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Trimm Design Build: Landscaping and construction bringing the indoors outdoors

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By Tanna Friday

TRUSSVILLE — Trussville landscape architects and designers are implementing their designs to unite homeowners with the outdoors.

For designer Hamilton Trimm, landscape design and construction is more than just plants, waterfalls and decorative rocks. For Trimm, the son of Tommy Trimm owner of Trimm Design Build, Landscape & Construction, it’s all about creating complimentary  spaces and bringing people together outdoors.

“With our designs, especially landscaping, we like to integrate a hardscape if possible,” said Trimm. “Because when we do that, generally people are going to spend more time out there.”

Trimm DB has been in operation for over 30 years. It is a custom full-service company, equipped to handle all aspects of outdoor design and installation.

“Our group is comprised of landscape and environmental designers, architects, and horticulturalists,” said Trimm.

Some of Trimm DB’s services include landscapes, hardscapes, stone walls and walkways, stone patios, paver patios and walkways, engineered walls, pools and decks, water features and outdoor kitchens.

Trimm explains why the the services offered are a benefit to the community.

“It enhances your lifestyle and creates opportunity for homeowners  to enjoy their yard more and increase activities with family and friends, “said Trimm.

“What we all enjoy as a design and build team is getting to know what the customer wants and what we can provide them in the most creative way.”

Trimm believes that the services Trimm DB are not only beneficial, but can transform people’s lives.

“We want to provide something for them that encourages them interact with the outdoor space more often,” he said. “They can start to appreciate nature when waiting on the daylilies to pop up or other flowers to bloom. Once they get in tune with nature, it becomes more personal to them. Especially when they can develop memories.”

Since joining Trimm DB, Hamilton the former industrial design student has become more involved with some of the more dramatic landscapes in the Trussville and surrounding areas. He, along with the design team, has worked on these projects highlighted in the surrounding images.

Over the years, the team has evolved from being a landscaping team to building, constructing and designing landscapes and hardscapes. Trimm explains that they have modified their image.

“We have redesigned our  website to illustrate what we can do as a company,” he said. “We are constantly evolving and honing our services to better meet the needs of our customers.”

Trimm explains the new branding on the website and logo, which captures their services, also emphases nature.

“We have redesigned our website and logo to capture all of the elements of our company,” he said.

Ultimately, Trimm realizes that the outdoor space of a development is almost always larger than the interior space, and what they can do with that is equally as important as creating comfortable living rooms and spacious kitchens.

“We look closely at design maintenace and sustainablilty of the outdoor space,” he said. “So we can bring all these aspects into harmony. The care in the design of the outdoors is extremely important to the way we live. The more we can incorporate outdoor spaces, the more we can create beautiful and enjoyable environments for families and friends to come together. Our goal is to create the best environment possible.”

Trimm explains that the Trimm DBteam has seen hundreds of designs through   to completion.

“We have many advantages not only because of our experience in this industry, but also experience with issues that may occur on the job,” he said. “Sometimes a site presents some real challenges and requires us to really draw on our experience, but we are also constantly presented new situations which require real creative problem solving.

“We are trained to find what solutions will work best, while constantly refining what we do.”

Trimm explains that there is hardly a project that they can’t handle. Trimm DB’s work spans from purely creative to purely functional and everything in between.

“We have extensive experience in plant selection, retaining walls, custom built structures, and drainage issues,” he said.

“There’s not much we can’t do, and if it is something new, we make sure to put the right team together and make sure we are completely prepared begin the work.”

When asking what makes Trimm DB more valuable than competitors, he replies that it is their ability to be not only ethical, but to strategically handle projects from simple to complex.

“Every project we handle we combine the best possible solution the most cost-effective way,” he said.

According to Trimm DB’s website, every project they perform is conducted with not only professionalism, but also with a strong work ethic.

“Being ethical on the job is about clear communication and delivering on what’s expected. We are mindful of the client’s needs before designing and constructing any job,” said Trimm.

In addition to Trimm DB’s landscaping, their business is open to the public.

“We carry a variety of in season flowers and plants,” said Trimm. “We keep plants and flowers on hand not only for our retail customers, but also for our landscape customers.”

Give Trimm DB a call and see how they can help you!

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