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Trussville: Good times and great fun at the 2019 Rigdon Cup Youth Tournament

By Shaun Szkolnik, for the Tribune

TRUSSVILLE — Twenty-seven golfers ranging from the ages of nine to old enough for college were fortunate enough to participate in the 2019 Rigdon Cup Youth Tournament at the Trussville Country Club from Aug. 6 to Aug. 7, 2019.

These young athletes had a great opportunity to show off their skills, hone those skills, make friends and have fun in an atmosphere of competition tempered by comradery.

Chris Rigdon, PGA Golf Pro with the Trussville Country Club, was happy to provide information about this year’s event.

“What that is (the Rigdon Cup) is for members who are juniors here at the Trussville County Club,” said Rigdon. “We had 27 players that participated in that.”

Rigdon was excited about the good experience that all of the participants had.

“Oh, it is a great time,” said Rigdon. “We had chicken one day, and then we had pizza and (one day) we had a slip-n-slide. You know, it is a fun time.”

The cup carries a great deal of appeal to young golfers and young adult golfers, as well.

“We have (players) anywhere from the third grade at Hewitt all the way to the summer college division course,” said Rigdon.

Photo courtesy of the Trussville Country Club

Golf as a youth activity has seen a lot of expansion over the last few years. Events such as the Rigdon Cup can help establish the sport as a means of exercise and recreation for a whole new generation.

“I think it is growing,” said Rigdon. “The league is growing. It is called the PGA Junior League. And we do Husky Mania the spring of every year. That is where we create our player’s two play. And it is a very competitive event. The boy who won it this year is going to be a sophomore at Hewitt. His name is Stuart Dickson.

“He is going to be a sophomore. He is 15 years old and he will be playing, of course, for Hewitt this upcoming year. He has been playing for about two and a half years. He is very talented; an over-achiever. He is head of our Christian athletes here at the club.”

Golf can also provide young people with an opportunity for scholarships, as well as character development.

“We’ve had many players … at Hewitt get golf scholarships,” said Rigdon. “It is just good to see them excel, have good character too, be a good person, be a leader. So, it has been fun over the years. You see a lot of kids that are really applying themselves and that have really done well. It is a credit to their parents, of course, and then the school also.”

Photo courtesy of Trussville Country Club

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