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    Mesolovely Yesmamn

    Wait, let me get bags of peanuts first!!!!

  2. 5

    Donna Santos Griffith

    I would certainly be sad if the closed up, but things have not been up to par the last several times I been there….from orders not being served correctly, menu changes to charge extra for popular sides that used to be included in the entre’ price, being out of normal meal items, etc….

  3. 7

    John Martin

    If they close, maybe we will get a Texas Roadhouse instead. Better food.

  4. 8

    Jimmy Stidham

    I know they fired the man who had trussville going good about a year ago! This man worked hard for them. I guess they wanted people who did not know how to run a business. What they fired him for was nothing ! Most likely to put a lower pay person in his place. Sometimes lower pay will put your co. Away.

  5. 12

    Douglas Tyler Devenyns

    Kenna Devenyns look at God. They have destroyed themselves. This doesnt suprise me because the way the people in charge have acted. Im talking about managment and up.

  6. 13

    Kenna Devenyns

    Douglas Tyler Devenyns I have told you many times that God doesn’t like ugly. It doesn’t always happen in your time but in God’s time. I am so happy to see this. I hate it for the worker’s but karma will get you. Sorry management will too.

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