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  1. 1

    Justin Mcculley

    Yea hurricane husky,boys put up some numbers might need to check record books on this game.

  2. 2

    Melanie Glover

    Shari Wadsworth Glover That answers your question!

  3. 3

    Alex R. Moore

    Kids will be talking about this one at their 40th, I bet!

  4. 4

    Scott White

    And the year they don’t play clay. Sad.. Clays defense is terrible..

  5. 5

    James S Vining

    Hewitt defense is suspect as well, gave up 50 points…

  6. 6

    Matthew Harmon

    Yep…u can’t expect to win many games where you allow the other team to score 50+ points. Defense better get it right.

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