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    Kristi Lyle Jones

    Mrs. Bruno acknowledges that students have, in fact, been getting recess on Mondays in both her email to teachers and her Facebook response. She says we must adjust our schedules to meet state law requirements and she refers to this happening at Paine Primary. Screen shots in comments.

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    Staci McGahey Rush

    I’ll speak for this year…recess is on the schedule for Monday’s sent out by the teachers at the beginning of school.

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    Natalie Adkinson

    The kids have had recess on Mondays until today. This is the first Monday ever that they haven’t had recess. Please update the article to show accurate information

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    Brittany Colee Kennemur

    My kids have always had recess on Mondays. I hope we can reinstate recess and increase the time back to 20min.

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    Christi Huckabaa Watts

    This is the 3rd year I’ve had a child at Paine and we’ve had recess everyday, every year until today.

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    Michelle Lowery

    My 2nd and 5th grader had recess on Monday’s until today.

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    Laura Giles Filasek

    Will someone please tell Mrs. Bruno that K-2 has had recess Monday-Friday for at least the 7 years I’ve had children in the system UNTIL TODAY and that was in response to her email to our teachers telling them to eliminate recess!

    One thing I would love to know is WHY the BOE finds it necessary for our teachers to have 5 times the required hours for Professional Development. Our teachers are telling us that early dismissal is not benefitting our children, so why on earth are we sacrificing recess, which is proven to benefit teachers and students. It’s my understanding that the state requires 50 hours of Professional Development every 5 years. The 12 hours of PD teachers complete each summer more than satisfies that requirement.

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    Jana Lile

    I also think lunch time needs to be extended. 20 minutes is not enough!

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    Jessie Odell

    So was it a mis-print or are we being lied to again? The word play in these emails and theatrics today completely left me feeling very deceived by those at the top.

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    Jessie Odell

    Phillip Acton oh I’m already quite familiar with the practices that take place. I’m glad the ones I have to be in contact with don’t behave in this manner.

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    Kristi Lyle Jones

    I would like my quotes corrected What I said was, “ONE of our schools, Magnolia, has 14-16 kindergartners. Cahaba has 18. Paine has 20. The class of 14 at Magnolia will have a vastly different learning experience that the class of 20 at Paine. We were promised equitable class sizes between the schools and we don’t have them.” 14-16 is a great size. 18 is a hard maximum for me in kindergarten. Out of all the schools we contacted only one, Clay has a kindergarten size of 20. Birmingham City schools Tuggle and Norwood have 16, 17, and 18. The schools we spoke with in Mountain Brook, Vestavia and Homewood have 15, 16, 17, 18 and a few at 19 in kindergarten. The accidental misquote you used grossly misrepresents what I said and the message we are trying to share. I realize it is likely hard to hear and I appreciate you correcting the article. Thank you so much for including us in your article. I just want to ensure what we say is represented correctly.

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    Kristi Lyle Jones

    Katie Karhan Amberson I know, but I was trying to not be too picky. My name is not important. The message is.

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    Michael Blankenship

    No one should act surprised the Government is good at Using your kids against you .

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    Footprints Birmingham

    Plato said many many many years ago that children learn best by play.

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    Casey Wright Johnson

    Recess is not from 2:00-3:00 on Mondays. The kids are on the bus going home. When they get home, they have homework and then family activities. Recess is a brain break during the school day to PLAY and interact with your peers. Not ride the school bus home and not be able to go outside at home. What is 15 minutes, really? A read aloud??? They read all day, let them go outside to play with their friends! It’s just 15 minutes.

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    Pam Noland Wilkinson

    Info not have children in this school system but had grandchildren there until this year. If I read correctly they get out of school early on Mondays for teachers professional development? My daughter is an Alabama teacher and has teachers meetings and such AFTER school on Mondays. That is the norm for most schools. Why is it not this way for Trussville?

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    Allison Allman Zorn

    My son is in 4th grade & has always had recess on Monday’s! These kids need a break EVERY day.

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    Betsy Hardy Schmitt

    Paine Primary had recess daily during my tenure as principal.

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    Laura Giles Filasek

    Betsy Hardy Schmitt missing you already!

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