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    Michelle Patton

    Tiffany Elizabeth Cantrell

  2. 3

    Mary Goodson Pair

    Thank you for being on top of this ! Seems to be the only source for us parents to get alerts about our children

  3. 4

    Kenneth Mcintyre

    Wow ! It ain’t safe there anymore. Bombs , people hiding in the woods, damn ! What’s happening to trussville ?

  4. 5

    Erin Griffin Georgia

    Anyone know when the next BOE meeting is? I think concerned parents should attend and voice our concerns in the break down in communication.

  5. 6

    Anne Snider Steward

    Dumb, they shouldnt have told about the license plate reader…

  6. 8

    Erin Griffin Georgia

    Thanks, I will definitely be there and I hope other parents will join me.

  7. 9

    Patty Eatherton

    Is there any surveillance footage from Wednesday? 911 caller said Hispanic male put the explosive device on the hood of the car. That’s not much to go on in seeking the public’s help.

  8. 11

    Ruwena Healy

    They want the public to know so wrong doers stay away.

  9. 12

    Anne Snider Steward

    The wrongdoer wont be caught now.

  10. 13

    Erin Griffin Georgia

    How are you getting these emails?

  11. 14

    Pedro Ruiz

    Well we went from rapist,killers and drug dealers to now terrorist

  12. 15

    Gina Renda

    Erin Griffin Georgia parents sign up to receive emails from the schools.

  13. 16
  14. 17

    Erin Griffin Georgia

    I just signed up again. Maybe that will fix it

  15. 18

    Laura Hathcock Gibbs

    Come on Pedro. .. you know it’s not “we” . People know your not crazy hahah

  16. 19

    Laura Hathcock Gibbs

    You need to change the heading on story. Still shows we had lockdown

  17. 20

    Patty Eatherton

    Pedro Ruiz you got that from my comment? Sorry but that’s the description. No different if the person had been white, black, Asian or purple. I would have asked the same question.

  18. 21

    Pedro Ruiz

    Patty no it wasn’t for your comment it was for some other people who made some remarks

  19. 22

    Rhnea Nichols Thomas

    Does the school have any surveillance cameras outside the school grounds. If they don’t, they need to invest in them and mount them on the outside of the building and on poles in the parking lot.

  20. 23

    Rhnea Nichols Thomas

    My husband does a lot of schools here and memphis,tn….it’s money well spent to protect the children.

  21. 24

    Jody Blake McCluskey

    I know stuff happens everywhere but I would take my child out of there for a little bit if it was me. That’s twice in 2 days something happened. Schools need to do better about security. I would make it wear you had to have a card just to get on the property and get buzzed in from a camera in the front office.

  22. 26

    DeAndra Price

    Most def I will be present!

  23. 27

    Carolyn Reid Crittenden

    Are there any security cameras?

  24. 28

    DeAndra Price

    I’m not exactly sure what the “license plate scanner” is going to do. Many ways I’m sure a insane individual knows how to bypass that.

  25. 29

    DeAndra Price

    It made national news how can a parent not worry. I know our police and atf are doing every thing they can but I feel we could be at least told “something”. Bc I’ve heard many different stories.

  26. 30
  27. 31

    Christy Fellows Sherbrook

    Good grief why did they not let folks know of the next meeting date and time? Geez

  28. 33

    Shelley Luna

    Does this school not have a school resource officer on campus? Put one there with a police car out front!

  29. 34

    DeAndra Price

    Yes they do. Very nice good officers at each but one sometimes isn’t enough.

  30. 35

    Ann Benson-Richardson McCutcheon

    I have seen this question asked several times, but there has been no reply. Does anyone know if the school has security cameras? If not, this should be looked into for parking lot, entire school and the playground,

  31. 36

    Carolyn Reid Crittenden

    Ann Benson-Richardson McCutcheon , I agree

  32. 38

    Shannon Miller

    Just curious why this story is not being updated ?

  33. 39

    The Trussville Tribune

    There is no additional information at this time.

  34. 40

    Shannon Miller

    they have raised the reward money to 7500.00

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