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    Cynthia Williams

    Yes not even going to church on Easter will erase that sin

  2. 3

    Linda D. Crumpton

    Well YES! If you are a true southerner, you know you don’t wear white until Easter Sunday!!!

  3. 5

    Lynn Reid

    That’s what I’ve always been told, however in the grand scheme of our world today, just be glad they have clothes on regardless what color they are.

  4. 6

    Carol Miller

    Can’t bring myself do it……my mom never gave permission before she passed away…but hey, I will just ask your mom tomorrow

  5. 7

    Sonia Treadwell

    I wore white jeans today

  6. 8

    Leah Scharf Miller

    Yall go ahead and wear your white pants before Easter, decorate with cotton when it’s out of season, use someone other than your mothers chicken salad recipe…go ahead. But when you get to Heaven and your mother beats you I will not feel sorry for you.

  7. 9

    Rita N Tony Tidwell

    I started to do that the.other day. But i was afraid someone would talk……..NOT !!!

  8. 10

    Kay Wood Still

    That just means you are fashionable!! Old rules for old school!! White jeans are the trend year around!!!

  9. 11

    Lisa Wynn

    I wear white year round 😳

  10. 13

    April Speanburg

    No white before Easter? I’ve never heard of that before. Ever. But I’m an atheist, so I guess I can wear white year round with no ill effects.

  11. 14

    Janet Wages Cisco

    June, the older we get, the more we’ll be able to get by with! Folks will just look at us and say oh those poor old ladies!! All the charm school in the world won’t be able to help us!! (I went to one also.) There will always be true Southern ladies like our moms who will know the difference, then there’ll be us!!

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  13. 16

    Vickie Aldridge

    It’s a column. She doesn’t write news she just writes great stuff.

  14. 17

    Vickie Aldridge

    being a northern girl turned southern mama, I whole heartedly love this column.

  15. 18

    Kathryn Smith

    I wear white into fall because it’s so darn hot here in the south. In the spring I abide by the old rule.

  16. 19

    Rebecca Bullock

    And we care, why??? I will wear whatever color. Yes, I have heard this all my life and still did not care. Should this even be a topic of discussion? Geeze….lol

  17. 20

    Crissy Savell Lambert

    Absolutely not. I wear whatever I want whenever I want. But I do heat my mother’s voice in my head!

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