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    Kevin Small

    In other news after being removed from the State Supreme Court twice, Judge Roy Moore seeks a higher office to get removed from.

  2. 3

    Scott Myrick

    On the bright side… he might go to jail like many others have.

  3. 4

    Jeremy Horton

    Shouldn’t there be a law on the books that if you are removed from a public office you are disqualified from running for anything else?

  4. 5

    Tjo Johnson

    Well… every village has an idiot. He’s Alabama’s. The sad thing is, there are people who would actually vote for this Twinkie.

  5. 6

    Janice Archer Thomas

    Can just anybody use the Capitol steps to make an announcement?

  6. 7

    Briana Moore

    ROFL at these comments!

  7. 8

    Charles Bush

    I wish he would retire

  8. 9

    Jack Quick

    Whatever future plans – lets hope they are outside Alabama.

  9. 10

    MaryAnn Whetstone

    Spoiler: he plans to remain a jackass.

  10. 11

    Annette Stansell

    Stand With Judge Moore I am not ashamed to say I respect you for taking the stand you took & remaining firm in your convictions. We need honest politicians to interpret the Constitution as written.

  11. 12

    Scott White

    Yes you all probably voted for Obama or Hillary

  12. 13

    Charles Moore

    Roy Moore likes to hear sound of his own name he is an embarrassment to the state of Alabama. He needs to just go away and take care of his family

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