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  1. 3

    Janice Gafnea Gallagher

    Where do they get all the guns, amazing?

  2. 7

    Lekea Payne

    Eugene Moore Glenn Slocumb

  3. 9

    Gary Wall

    Susan Anderson look at this. Crazy

  4. 10

    Mack Kilpatrick

    Centerpoint moving in….

  5. 12

    Boudreaux Mize

    Joey Decker what you think about this?

  6. 13

    Demetrich Kerri Wallace

    Xander Wallace Graycie Wallace

  7. 14

    Mick Phillips

    Never have a gun when you need one…

  8. 15

    Brok N Maegan

    Kathryn Williamson Alan Williamson

  9. 16

    Joey Decker

    Should have been packing lol

  10. 20

    Timothy M Taylor

    I always have a gun, just in case I need one.

  11. 21

    Boudreaux Mize

    Joey Decker I was thinking the same exact thing. Give each 1 a bullet and send them driving off

  12. 24

    Tjo Johnson

    Dang first Tuscaloosa now here..do we have a Robber that only robs McDonald’s in towns that begin with T???

  13. 25

    Gary Wall

    AnTione Newton look at this. Susan becareful

  14. 26

    Justin Wood

    At 7:30? Geez. Get your Glocks out, folks.

  15. 27

    Kati Jenkins Bullock

    T.L. Mitchell Tracy Burt Keri Roe Kayla Barnes too close for comfort

  16. 28

    Timothy M Taylor

    Most of the time they are stolen! They are crooks and thieves….

  17. 30

    Jessie Jay Phillips-Chaney

    Kelly L Washington here we go….criminals live and go anywhere to commit crimes.

  18. 33

    Linda Mitchell

    Man you never know I am in there alot

  19. 34

    Abbey Trotter

    Patti O’Brien Trotter

  20. 36

    Ashley L. Hill

    Melinda Lake Robinson Stephanie Cannon Jennifer Michelle Carney Delores Akin Slone

  21. 37
  22. 39

    Kami Lynn Watts

    Laura Hathcock Gibbs Jerie Lynn Alexander Hathcock

  23. 40

    Tracy Burt

    They would be pissed if they got my wallet. I keep a couple of quarters for when I go to Aldi but other than that you are out of luck! 😂

  24. 41

    Timothy M Taylor

    I’m at home watching TV and mine is about a foot away.

  25. 43

    Arlene Hicks

    Not suprising at all. Just thugs spreading out into Trussvegas. We all knew it was coming

  26. 46

    Maria Collins

    Alicia Andrews Underwood omg

  27. 47

    Carie Jones Peeples

    Matthew D. Peeples, Shane Dunn

  28. 49

    Paul Broadley

    As I’ve said before, Trussville is the next Center Point – sooner than later!

  29. 50

    Lekea Payne

    Ikr!!! This is crazy!!!

  30. 51

    Mick Phillips

    I have one on my body all the time…

  31. 53

    Jamie Lankford Chappell

    Goodness, that’s close! Gotta do something about this area before somebody gets killed.

  32. 54

    Ricky King

    The Hamburglar strikes again!

  33. 55

    Sullivan Harris Dorene

    Could have been residents of Trussville. Crime isn’t isolated to residents of certain areas.

  34. 59

    Beverly Swain

    Terri Tumlin I’m gonna need you to transfer please.

  35. 60

    Laura Long Goolsby

    I didn’t criminals were limited to one zip code…I’ve heard of plenty homegrown in Trussville.

  36. 61

    Sullivan Harris Dorene

    The crime has got to stop! Praying..

  37. 62

    Dianne Dorsey Gilbert

    McDonalds, downtown Tuscaloosa, was robbed today. I’m almost afraid to go outside. Geez.

  38. 63

    Patrice M. Harlson

    Jessie Jay Phillips-Chaney

  39. 68
  40. 69

    Nancy Wegener Kramer

    I guess you can’t trust anyone in Trustville anymore. All joking aside, I hope no one was hurt

  41. 72

    George Omaish

    Always heard people saying that Trussville and Helena are the 2 safest towns in Alabama.. Seems like everywhere sucks now..

  42. 73

    Ashley L. Hill

    To close for comfort and glad I don’t work night shift! However, it’s not safe anytime ANYWHERE anymore!

  43. 74

    Mack Kilpatrick

    Multiple in Trussville for sure. Mostly high school kids who are in the beginning stages of getting bad off on pills & robbing cars or their parents wallets to support their growing habits. Hell even breaking into houses from time to time. But holding up a McDonald’s in the location that it’s in and being a Trussville resident knowing the area, I know that is a VERY frequently passed area for the swarms of police who occupy Trussville. With that said. It would be a bold move for a Trussville resident to do so. But a crime of that caliber usually is found in the neighboring city of Centerpoint.

  44. 76

    Tjo Johnson

    Amy Williams I know right?? Lol

  45. 77

    Amy Williams

    Seriously though, I hope no one was injured and that they find the crooks soon!

  46. 79

    Tjo Johnson

    Amy Williams you’re cracking me up. Too freaking funny!!! 😂😂😂

  47. 82

    Cathy Scheile Beasley

    So is Trussville the new Tarrant/Center Point?

  48. 84

    Brian Wells

    There needs to be a line drawn. Roebuck, Huffman and center point all used to be good places. Now, not so much. Push it back the other direction.

  49. 87

    Melinda Lake Robinson

    Ashley L. Hill and Nathan’s going to have to move to night shift now that schools starting back! I’m going to make sure he parks close by!

  50. 89

    Melinda Lake Robinson

    Ashley L. Hill, Nathan was at the store telling Mike about his new availability while this happened!!! He saw the cops & fire truck on his way home!

  51. 90

    Ned Johnston

    Trussvilleis the new Hoover East.

  52. 91

    Jeff Jessen

    CP and Trussville are nothing alike. CP wasn’t a city for years while it was growing. Apartment complexes were built all over the place and they eventually got run down and cheap. The residents of CP had no say-so about the community since there was no city government. Trussville is the exact opposite. Virtually no apartments in the city limits and complete control of their city thru the city government.

  53. 92

    Ron Cherry

    I will not leave home unless I am packing

  54. 93

    Tjo Johnson

    Amy Williams the one in Tuscaloosa that happened this morning was a guy waiting for someone to come out with the deposit to go to the bank. That one has to be an inside job. Hope they catch them too

  55. 94

    Vance Tipton

    Why you tag me? I didn’t do it. BTW, want any fries? I have extra

  56. 95

    Paul Broadley

    It doesn’t matter that there’s not apartment complexes going up – there will be, give it a little time. You say “complete control” not so much when it comes to crime. I remember Center Point 25 years ago and Trussville will be there in less than 10 years.

  57. 96

    Sandy King Pilkington

    I was born and raised in Trussville. Haven’t lived there for few years. Went to Gas Station close to McDonald’s ever in my life I felt scare on that side of town. I really feel like Trussville going to get just like Center Point Huffman,Robuck

  58. 97

    Kelli Penque

    You guys act like crime doesn’t happen everywhere. Jesus, one armed robbery and were Center Point

  59. 98

    Kelli Penque

    You guys act like crime doesn’t happen everywhere. Jesus, one armed robbery and we’re Center Point

  60. 99

    Ray Randle

    Dude.. Hilarious!!!! Glad that guy’s ok but hilarious!!

  61. 100

    Chad Cox

    Y’all better move north and get out while you can

  62. 101

    Stephanie Cannon

    I always work night shift. You just have to pay attention to what’s around you.. And i always trust my gut. That’s too close for comfort though

  63. 102

    Kelli Penque

    You know this happens in Mountain Brook, right??? Do your research. Better yet, go live in a bad area and get back to all of us how it compares

  64. 103

    Jonathan Stringfellow

    What?? Trussvillle is immune from crime!

  65. 104

    Kelli Penque

    What bubble are these people living in 😂

  66. 105

    David Graves

    By this logic, Mountain Brook is the next Center Point

  67. 109

    Chad Cox

    Don’t you live in vestavia?

  68. 110

    Stephanie Cannon

    About a year ago I was in that McDonald’s parking lot (using their wifi lol), and a group of teenagers started arguing inside the play area. Then a guy held a girl up to the side by her neck and was punching her in the face! Y’all, nobody intervened! I called 911 and by the time the cops got there, the guy took off. I think it’s a dangerous place because it’s so secluded.

  69. 111

    Stan Man

    Lacey Michelle Jones are you ok?not sure if this is the 1 you were transferred to or not

  70. 112

    Kelli Penque

    I’ve grown up in Trussville for 24 years bud. Just because I recently moved to Vestavia to be closer to work doesn’t mean my opinion is irrelevant. But thank you for stalking my Facebook. I’ve lived in the same house in Trussville for 23 out of my 24 years, and if anything it’s grown to be better than what it was.

  71. 113

    Kelli Penque

    You probably failed to see the graduated from Hewitt-Trussville part

  72. 114

    Steven Vinson

    Obligatory: “THAT’S WHY I MOVED OUT OF (place name of city here) YEARS AGO!!!!!”

  73. 115

    Stephanie Perkins Owens

    Just moved back home after 20yrs of living out of state and I agree. Trussville is heading to the same thing as Center Point and Pinson. The masses are coming in and the destroying everything. Seen it happen in Conyers, Ga and PCB.

  74. 116

    Cathy Scheile Beasley

    David Graves , if you read the crime stats, you may be correct!

  75. 117

    Ashley L. Hill

    Ommmggg, that is awful!! Teenagers are so much worse now than they were in our day! We did mischievous stuff but NOTHING like today’s teens!

  76. 118

    David Echols

    Because so many places now ban guns people are “forced” to leave them in their cars, which get broken in to and the guns get stolen and the criminals rob people using the easily available guns. (Forced is in quotations because unless it’s a courthouse, airport or government building I’m wearing mine and nobody will know it unless I need to use it)

  77. 119

    Ricky King

    Just trying to lighten the mood.

  78. 120

    David Echols

    The restaurant was not robbed.

  79. 121

    David Echols

    Tjo Johnson, you put way too much thought in your first comment. 🙂

  80. 122

    Gwendolyn Wardlow

    wow. 7:30 – its not even dark yet. Ok. as far as the people who always chime in about when they used to live in the area and why they moved to a remote suburban island where there is no crime – what response are they looking for? If you dont live here anymore – why are you still following the page?

  81. 123

    Gwendolyn Wardlow

    Are they secretly Real estate agents and are recruiting for new neighbors? Genuinely curious as to what their intent could be.

  82. 124

    Amy Nesbitt Brackett

    Clay is getting bad also! Only a matter of time !!

  83. 126

    Amy Nesbitt Brackett

    There’s a lot of crime in Trussvile , for some reason they sweep it under the rug and keep it hush hush!!

  84. 127
  85. 128

    Amy Nesbitt Brackett

    We are moving to country soon! In a month we will be in Cullman!

  86. 129

    Sullivan Harris Dorene

    I didn’t read anywhere that McDonald’s was held up. 🤔

  87. 130

    Gwendolyn Wardlow

    Is it just to make the people who still live here feel bad?

  88. 131

    Amy Nesbitt Brackett

    Where do live now?!! We are moving next month!

  89. 132

    Kristen Brakefield

    Conor Brakefield Shonda René

  90. 133

    Shamenski Davis

    Tara Bradshaw Sellers Kristen Dooley Doss Kim Beavers omg

  91. 134

    Allyson Nicole Bailes

    Nope, I’m not going anywhere alone ever

  92. 135

    Mack Kilpatrick

    I’m confused as to what you’re defending here…

  93. 136

    Shonda René

    So sad. Not the one near us but I have been there many times.

  94. 138

    Rona Kilpatrick Shedd

    Krysten Holtbrooks Ryan Holtbrooks Lillie Holtbrooks Aubrey Johnson Andrew Johnson

  95. 139

    Anne Snider Steward

    Fyi this was an individual robbed, not McDonald’s. However there had been a string of the actual McDonald locations being robbed all around Birmingham a couple of months ago. The police around the city and suburban areas all knew and worked together. This is not just from Centerpoint. We’ve had criminals from all areas of Birmingham go to more influential areas to rob. It makes sense. I don’t think they’re going to go to lower income areas of Birmingham to rob. Be aware of your surroundings and pay attention at all times. Trust no one you don’t know!

  96. 140

    Chad Cox

    Amy Nesbitt Brackett girl, you live in clay, there’s country all over the place..😎

  97. 142

    Jim Nolan

    Amy Nesbitt Brackett crime stats are public. Please provide the source of information you are using to justify your position.

  98. 143

    Mary Beth Allred

    Zac was telling me about this earlier! This is so crazy!

  99. 144

    Mary Beth Allred

    I’ve heard “trussville is the next center point” for years.. hasn’t happened yet 🤷🏻‍♀️

  100. 145

    Joyce Gable Murphree

    Last month there was a drive by shooting at Tutwiler Farms…crime has found it way to Trussville

  101. 146

    Shanekia Vashun Mobley

    This truly a sad day you can’t feel safe in your on community. I try to do everything before it gets dark

  102. 147

    Kelli Penque

    Same! Usually from people who haven’t lived here for more than a year

  103. 148

    Kenneth Mcintyre

    Arm yourself…when seconds count, police are always minuets away !

  104. 149
  105. 150
  106. 151

    Stephanie Andrews

    People CRIME IS EVERY WHERE! Stop saying such and such city is moving into Trussville. You people are blind if you don’t see that this is happening every where now days! Just because we live in an “upper class” city doesn’t mean we are secluded from everything. You should expect that after all the new development popping up every where!

  107. 152

    J Renee Jackson Brown

    Allie Miller did you see this? Beth Minton Wallace and all my trussville friends be careful it’s everywhere

  108. 153

    Summer Eberhart

    Debbie Sparkman Barry Sparkman

  109. 154

    Brad Echols

    Vance Tipton cause u the hambuglar!!

  110. 155

    Lacey Michelle Jones

    No not my store. I’m back at Leeds now but I’m not sure for how long.

  111. 156

    Lacey Michelle Jones

    Thank you for checking on me.

  112. 157

    Stan Man

    good,be safe,its gettin crazier

  113. 159

    Sheila Gray

    Vonda Bothwell
    Elyse Broom
    Cortnie Mcmullins
    Aurora Leal
    Melba Long

  114. 160

    Cindy Buckner

    Center point is spreading to trussville

  115. 161

    Tiffany Marx

    Reconda Marx
    Patrick Gibbs

  116. 163

    Jeff Jessen

    Paul Broadley, think whatever you like. Everyone can’t be right.

  117. 164
  118. 166

    Shalanda Owens Hill

    Glad I stopped eating there ….yep , humor is better than some of these harsh comments….geeez

  119. 167

    Kraig Barner

    Trussville PD won’t do anything about it anyway. We had our vehicle broken into at Olive Gardner and a $500 give cars stolen. We received notification when it was spent at Bessemer Walmart. They had video of the girl using it, they looked for her for a couple days and then just quit talking to us or returning calls about our case. Don’t put much faith in the Trussville PD solving this one.

  120. 168

    Kelly L Washington

    Crime doesn’t happen in Trash Vegas! It’s the “thugs” coming in to their cities making it look bad!

  121. 169

    Debbie Sparkman

    I saw this and almost tagged you in it!

  122. 171

    Richard Rice

    Kathryn Rice
    Be careful

  123. 172

    Tara Bradshaw Sellers

    Why I don’t want morgan out driving after dark

  124. 173

    Summer Eberhart

    Debbie Sparkman that’s crazy!

  125. 174

    Tim Hollis

    Trussville where the ppl who are too poor to live in mt.brook and the ppl who are too to rich to live in the ghetto collide. Forming the perfect storm of absolute shit. I hate trussville. It’s traffic is just as bad as 280 and ppl are worse

  126. 175

    Sarah Carter

    Kaycee Carter Easley Bobby Easley time to move

  127. 176

    Diana Smith Clark

    It happens all the time now.

  128. 178

    Sharon Blackwood Wilbourn

    Tracy Burt but I’m sure you keep credit cards and a drivers license in there. So then they know where you live. Scary

  129. 179

    Judy Clark

    Trussville is getting bad

  130. 180

    Sandra Barksdale

    Hope they catch them . Need to look around when going in and out stores and restaurants .

  131. 181

    Tyler Barton

    When you guys find this magical, Mayberry-esque land where no crime happens, let me know. Until then, I’m going to continue to enjoy this great community that I just moved to earlier this year and have had great experiences in so far.

  132. 182

    Shelly Elise Finney

    Lakicia Pauldin Shanda Smith Dutton

  133. 183

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