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  1. 2

    John Patterson

    I would suspect this to be fake news but—– YOU CANT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

  2. 3

    Don J. Trantow

    May not be fake news, but pic shows fake keyboard, cause it shows z between t & u instead of correct y.

  3. 4

    Jeannine Hall Bailes

    I witnessed the truck drive into the store from my office window across the street. Not fake news. Crazy, but not fake

  4. 7

    Martha Austin

    Gay Nell White was telling me about this!

  5. 8

    Mike Johnson

    What makes it hard to believe is the idea that there are still any typewriter repair shops open.

  6. 9

    Susan Alvis Morris

    I saw this happening! I’m so glad the owner was not hurt. I hope the drunk driver is in jail!

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