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    Amy Lovell Blalock

    The new school in Grayson Valley will filter to where?

  2. 3

    Jimmy Goeb

    Where at in Grayson Valley?

  3. 4

    Matt Clay

    How about renovation to CCHS. if any school deserves it, it needs to be CCHS

  4. 5

    Matt Clay

    Currently Grayson Valley goes to Pinson. I would assume that will not change unless city of Clay may zone GV into Clay city limits

  5. 6

    Jane Matlock Reeves

    This school will be to relieve overcrowding in Chalkville elementary. So they will go to CCMS. Same students that would have come here anyway.

  6. 7

    Amy Lovell Blalock

    Grrrrr. CCMS & CCHS need some relief!

  7. 8

    Matt Clay

    After actually reading the story, they will allow students to choose which school they wish to attend

  8. 10

    Marlene Little Appleton

    Pinson is very old. Has not been renovated much in a long time.

  9. 11

    Amy Lovell Blalock

    Well I saw that they were considering the choice plan but I wasn’t sure what the choices would be.

  10. 12

    Kimberley Brown Aids

    CCHS is only about 20 years old. If ANY high school needs renovation, it’s PVHS!

  11. 13

    Kimberley Brown Aids

    They haven’t disclosed the location

  12. 14

    Kimberley Brown Aids

    Matt Clay – no, the HIGHLAND sector goes to Pinson. The GOLF course side goes to Clay

  13. 15

    Matt Clay

    PVHS had renovations and a fine arts building addition I think about 10 years ago

  14. 16

    Jeremy Horton

    Either way, I have to believe all 3 schools will then feed into Clay-Chalkville.

  15. 17

    Kimberley Brown Aids

    Amy Lovell Blalock as does Pinson.

  16. 18

    Jeremy Horton

    Unless they are buying up and demolishing homes, the only place that would make any sense would be in the kudzu on Chalkville Mountain Road.

  17. 19

    Matt Clay

    Other than Athletics Bldg and new turf (which city paid half) the main building has not had crap done to it in past 20 yrs. The colors on the inside are aqua/teal and purple tiles, not even the school colors

  18. 20

    Jeremy Horton

    CCHS has gone through tons of renovations over the last few years.

  19. 21

    Matt Clay

    Not to mention how bad it looks on the outside

    Shades Valley was built about the same time and CCHS got the raw end of the deal when those two schools were built

  20. 22

    Matt Clay

    Jeremy, you are completely wrong

    I graduated from Hewitt in 97, CCHS first year. Plenty of friends and wife went to clay, two kids that went to Clay. It has not had anything added but Athletic Bldg. The softball parents had to build the softball field at the school not the school system and just last year got a permanent fence put up with help of city not school system

  21. 23

    Matt Clay

    The middle school had a girls gym addition and wrestling room addition a few years back but not the high school

  22. 24

    Amy Lovell Blalock

    And Center Point has room that they don’t use….

  23. 25

    Matt Clay

    Amy, on another site I had some GV parents say part of those on Golf course side were zone pinson. Sorry if I misunderstood them or thought wrong

  24. 26

    Nick Pearson

    Matt have you been by CCHS in last two months they have completely redid the outside and completely painted the inside to match school colors.

  25. 28

    Matt Clay

    Well if that the case then I stand corrected. My daughter graduated in 2016 and I started homeschooling my son this year

  26. 29

    Matt Clay

    If a ll they did is throw paint on walls, I don’t call that renovations. That is just maintenance

  27. 30

    Chris Clark

    CCH definitely needs some relief. Most schools around are jam packed.

  28. 31

    Terri Franklin-Bayles

    Jeremy Horton that would be a nightmare for traffic

  29. 33

    Sharon Blackwood Wilbourn

    Amy Lovell Blalock nobody want to go to CP schools. I live in CP. The kids in my neighborhood, Parkway Estates, go to Pinson schools.

  30. 34

    Kevin Small

    I really regret not voting to form our own school system 10 years ago.

  31. 36

    Amy Lovell Blalock

    Sharon Blackwood Wilbourn I get it…

  32. 37

    Jeremy Horton

    I agree Jimmy Goeb, but off the top of my head it’s the largest open space left in Grayson Valley.

  33. 38

    Matt Clay

    BTW, I seen the plans for new softball field and new turf at PVHS. Paid for by school system. Like I said before, softball field at CCHS was built and paid for softball parents, with donations and some help from city of Clay, not school system.

  34. 39

    Scott White

    Maybe a new middle school or High school in Grayson Valley. That would be great as well.

  35. 40

    Scott White

    Matt Clay exactly and softball does not get crap.

  36. 41

    Briana Moore

    So CC schools are now going to be open to anyone to attend?

  37. 42

    Stephanie Hughes Gilley

    Erwin Middle needs it worse than any schools I’ve seen or been in…hope it gets more than just a bandaid!

  38. 43

    Debbie Elrod Reynolds

    It’s all in need of big help at Erwin I’m 60 and went there so it’s been around!

  39. 44

    Pam Kennington

    Please don’t remove the eagle.

  40. 45
  41. 46

    Karen Frame Rodda

    Baseball got the same treatment. We didn’t have power to run field lights for months! All maintenance done by parents and coaches

  42. 47

    TiJuana Duke

    We definitely need them 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  43. 48

    Eric Leslie

    Parkway Estates has been zoned Pinson for 30+ years

  44. 49

    Eric Leslie

    Erwin Intermediate is using the old middle School gym and old middle School classrooms that are nearly 50 years old or more…

    EIS isn’t even on the list

  45. 50

    Amy Lovell Blalock

    I am aware of that but this post really has nothing to do with Parkway Estates. LOL

  46. 52

    Michele Goeb Parker

    Matt Clay not all of Grayson Valley goes to Pinson. The country club side is zoned CC not Pinson.

  47. 53

    Stephanie Hughes Gilley

    Erwin intermediate did get a new building but they are using some of the old buildings & the gym is awful that’s for sure!

  48. 54

    CaTonya Scott

    Starisha Holloman Vaughn Pamela Steele Latonya Bolden

  49. 56

    Heather Marie

    It will only be successful if they get Bell out of Birmingham and clean up those streets. I’m from Trussville. We moved further north to get as far away from Birmingham as humanly possible but still be in the state. Fewer and fewer want to stay in surrounding areas because of the violence and drugs flowing from Birmingham.

  50. 57

    Ron Hyche

    Pinson Valley High has had many renovations since 2010. They have a new field house which was finished in 2010,remolded softball and baseball complex where people would not have to walk in mud at the softball complex. Remodeled the football stadium which made it accessible for everyone with an elevator installed for access to the downstairs concession area with no help from the City of Pinson or Joe. New fine arts building, lunchroom remodeled,new football and soccer practice field. New accessibility to the greenhouse area. The football field was improved two years ago. Purchased land for a new softball complex a couple years ago. There have been many improvements at Pinson Valley High in less than ten years. Is a new softball and baseball complex going to be built now and the football field getting artificial turf?

  51. 59

    Ron Hyche

    Matt Clay How does the handicapped get to the Clay softball field? Do you talk to the parents or boosters on how to make arrangements for handicapped accessibility to the softball complex or to JefCoEd? Also where do the handicapped park for a Clay football game in 2017?

  52. 61

    Matt Clay

    Handicap access is at the LF foul pole.

    I was thinking there is some handicap spaces at parking area.

    Blame school system for it. Parents worked with what they had to work with for softball field

  53. 62

    Scott McBride

    They need a new Kitchen!!!!! At Erwin Middle

  54. 63

    Matt Clay

    While I know Erwin middle is old, center Point got a new elementary and high school within last few years. Clay & chalkville area has not had a new school in 20 years

  55. 65

    Stephanie Hughes Gilley

    The classrooms have window unit air conditioners, you can feel the wind coming through the windows they are so old, the heat in half the rooms barely blow through the vents if at all, & their are leaks all over…you can only put so many band aids on it til they don’t do any good!

  56. 66

    Adam Bryant McAllister

    Its more than big enough… and if anything, would be a perfect location, because of the impact it would NOT have on traffic.

  57. 67

    Ron Hyche

    They are wrong at the softball complex. Also the handicap parking spaces in the parking lot for the football game are wrong by ADA standards. Someone needs to check on ADA standards and make some adjustments. We don’t live in the past we all live in 2017 now. This is a prime example of parents doing work at the schools without having knowledge of the building codes. I will give an example: The dugouts at the PVHS softball complex were tore down by the softball parents and they built one back and JefCoEd made them take it down again because it did not meet the codes of Jefferson County. Leave the building on JefCoEd property to JefCoEd not the parents, JefCoEd has qualified people to build the complexes.

  58. 68

    Matt Clay

    I agree with you. I’m frustrated I see new schools getting built, school system paying for fancy athletic buildings & fields and then at CCHS the parents have to do fundraisers, get donations, and go to the city to help make improvements for 20 years.

  59. 69

    Matt Clay

    I really just hate the design of CCHS when you look at other Jefferson County Schools built like Shades Valley & Gardendale High

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