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  1. 1

    Anthony Busby

    Center point definitely contributed to that number

  2. 3

    Ric Weide

    Quote “Higher than average”! Not highest!

  3. 4

    Aaron Bruce

    Without actual facts, I suspect Birmingham, Center Point, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa may just be making a large contribution to those numbers. Birmingham is worse than Baltimore, but the mayor is not making that his chief priority. Don’t know if he really knows what to do about it or if he is just afraid to do what he knows he should. B’ham is a national disgrace because of the violence there.

  4. 5

    Kathy Goforth Bernklau

    What, Chicago is in the news everyday for the murders

  5. 6

    Roland Hill

    Its good to know who the Rednecks are in the surrounding area.

  6. 7

    Chris Wilson

    I think the Birmingham mayor sees it as”outta site outta mind”. He won’t acknowledge the problem.

  7. 10

    Mark Tatum

    I’ve changed my mind this isn’t fake news it’s just lies

  8. 11

    Gail Smith Wright

    Let’s think a minute to see if we can figure why.

  9. 13

    Charlie Philpot

    Sanctuary city! Go figure!

  10. 15

    Tina DeLine

    People need to get involved and report everything and stop blaming certain areas its everywhere . We need to hire more than 150 new officers as well . These little areas have no police so they think they can do the crimes. Make it know you are out there noticing everything. REPORT IT!

  11. 16

    Tombstone Ted

    I was a local police officer for 20 years. Probably 95% of the murders are between people who knew each other. This is very hard to prevent. Also, another huge percentage goes unsolved because people won’t talk to police. Remember, “Snitches get stitches!”

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