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  1. 1

    Rachel Alvis

    Linda Thompson Applebaum

  2. 3

    Eric Weston

    We will remove falling trees on your home

  3. 4

    Jan Griffin Jones

    Sheila Pitt Murray April Murray

  4. 6

    Terri Gaquerel

    Yep no power but thank God 4 the generator😃😃

  5. 8

    April Murray

    Been out since 8:00 or so this morning!

  6. 9

    Joy Lynne Davidson

    Oh good, glad all is well!💜 u

  7. 10

    Terri Gaquerel

    Joy Lynne Davidson thanks my friend😘😘

  8. 12

    Jan Griffin Jones

    Oh Wow!! I hate that for y’all ours blinked a couple of times and I got nervous

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