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    Randall Ray Pearcy

    So has he actually endorsed Moore yet?

  2. 3

    Zac Abramson

    What else would The Grabber say? He’s amoral.

  3. 5

    Lena Nessa Abdoli

    If Trump says it, it must be true. Haha

  4. 7

    Zac Abramson

    Then you need to vote for the pedophile. Nine women didn’t lie.

  5. 9

    Laura W Garner

    Don’t worry Zac Abramson, I AM VOTING FOR MOORE!

  6. 10

    Dylan Haynes

    Trump is already a disaster

  7. 11

    Carla Reid Emmons

    Trump is the disaster. Jones is very tough on crime! Jones can actually help Alabama move forward.

  8. 12

    Lindsey Maddox Bowman

    Imagine being proud to vote for a predator. 🙄

  9. 13

    Lindsey Maddox Bowman

    At this point, I’m convinced that very few ppl in this state are interested in what would be best for us as a whole.

  10. 14

    Laura W Garner

    Lindsey Maddox Bowman where’s the proof? I guess you didn’t vote for Bill Clinton or his crooked sicko wife

  11. 15

    JB Cox

    I will vote party. If Moore is proven guilty, he will likely be replaced by a pro-Lifer. If you vote Doug Jones, you will definitely get someone who believes in abortion.

  12. 16

    Sheila James Gargus

    Zac Abramson how do you know what happened? Were you there? Some people lie all of the time especially when they are being paid to do so. What happened to Innocent until proven guilty? If you were accused would you not want the benefit of the doubt until proven guilty?

  13. 17

    Josh Burgans

    Very tough on crime? He wants to remove minimum sentencing and pushes for alternative sentencing in lieu of jail time. Seems like a cupcake on crime.

  14. 18

    Laura W Garner

    Exactly…I voted for Strange in the primary and lost, but I’m a Republican for life regardless

  15. 19

    Chris Colley

    I’m not left wing but Trump is an Idiot if he thinks Moore would be better. Oh wait… he has already proven his lack of tact and ability to see reality as it is. Why is it his responsibility to try to sway any election in any direction. Doesn’t he have more pressing matters to attend to?

  16. 20

    Laura W Garner

    Yea, I hate all the new jobs, stock market at all time highs, conservative supreme Court judge, decline in illegal immigration. Hopefully we will get tax relief and you can just give yours back since you don’t need it and repeal disastrous Obamacare

  17. 21

    Zac Abramson

    Laura W Garner , no, you don’t get to deflect back to anyone else to try and defend Statutory Roy. Nine women and countless corroborating witnesses did not lie. The man met his own wife at a dance recital when she was a kid and she’s 15, or so years his junior. He did what they said.

  18. 22

    Laura W Garner

    He doesn’t have to sway the vote! People vote for who they want. I guess you forgot that Strange lost! People are so simple when they don’t state the facts!

  19. 23

    Zac Abramson

    Sheila James Gargus , this isn’t a trial, this is an election. Prove they’re being paid. You’ve got a lot of nerve calling 9 women victims “liars”. What if you’re wrong? You’d have a lot to answer for. Scary, huh?

  20. 24

    Mike Houston

    The mass majority of Alabamians are pro-life. You do know this right? So it comes down to which evil you will vote for. Endorse a candidate that believes in fetal genocide or a candidate that appears to have had inappropriate relations with teenagers 40 years ago. Yay us!! Option A is protected by the law and option B can be replaced by the law if allegations are proven to be true.

  21. 25

    Laura W Garner

    Zac Abramson you still have no proof. I can say I was dating Elvis when I was 12, does that make it true? No! Provide the proof! If he’s guilty, then it will be taken care of and I’ll be all for it, but I can’t just make a decision based on unproven allegations

  22. 26

    Laura W Garner

    Deflect lol that’s the Democrats way, not mine

  23. 27

    Laura W Garner

    Trump has done more for this country in 10 months than Barry did in 8 years!

  24. 28

    Kevin Hackett

    Right because the stock market and job creation are from policies Trump signed into law…. oh wait.. Trump hasn’t passed anything it’s from the Obama and Bush admins policies.

  25. 29

    Kevin Small

    Jones is gonna do for Moore what Hillary did for Trump. Make a totally unelectable candidate, the best candidate.
    At then end of the day I can’t in good conscience vote for either, but I believe a lot of Republicans would have supported a less radical democrat.

  26. 30

    Aaron Barrett

    Voting straight ticket is why this country is falling behind! Just blindly vote for people!

  27. 31

    Sheila James Gargus

    Zac Abramson if this is not a trial then why have you appointed yourself judge and jury? You say Roy Moore is guilty(which he may be, but it is yet to be proven!) You say I will have a lot to answer for 😂😂😂 you don’t nor will you ever sit high enough to judge me or anyone else!!! Who do you think you are to go around judging everyone?

  28. 32

    JB Cox

    In this instance, I will vote for an ideology, not a person that believes in murdering babies.

  29. 33

    Chris Colley

    Is really so simple that we should base our votes on just one of the many issues Mike?
    All I am trying to say is that the President has more important things on his plate to attend to then worrying who we vote for.
    No I’m not a fan of Strange ether and was glad he didn’t get the seat, but that is who our ever accomplishing President took his time to back. Your right Laura he has done a lot for our country since in office, but only time will show true positive benefit or not. I do support him and know he is doing the best he can, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with everything he does or even go as far as to say he knows what he is doing. So far he seems like the King of “knee-jerk” reactive decision making.

  30. 34

    Chris Colley

    Besides Mike I don’t remember saying that I wasn’t Pro-life…

  31. 38

    Laura W Garner

    Sheila James Gargus AMEN

  32. 39

    Patrick Reaves

    Neither candidate can do anything about abortion…it’s been decided by the Supreme Court for like twenty years now…you should consider voting based on actual issues we are facing in 2017.

  33. 41

    Laura W Garner

    I disagree Chris Colley, there is a reason behind everything that Trump does. He has also hired the best people to perform the best job and that is what makes a great leader. Don’t get me wrong, there are things I wouldn’t waste my time on as president, but I am convinced that he has a reason behind it all.

  34. 42

    Terrell Harris

    Fake christians for moore!

  35. 43

    Zac Abramson

    Sheila James Gargus, you’re judging NINE women and over 30 corroborating witnesses and you know it. Get off your sad little amoral high-horse and get real. You’re selling your soul to be a loyal republican for what you perceive as power. You referencing Clinton as a defense for Statutory Roy is deflection by definition, no matter your feeble excuses, or pathetic political quips.

  36. 44

    Zac Abramson

    This will hang around Statutory Roy’s neck for the rest of his career. Get used to it.

  37. 45

    Patti Gilbert Mitchell

    Lindsey Maddox Bowman then I hope you didn’t vote for Clinton years ago

  38. 46

    Laura W Garner

    Zac Abramson she’s not judging the women…she said provide the proof. I referenced the Clinton’s and I stand by it!

  39. 47

    Laura W Garner

    Terrell Harris nothing fake about being a Christian

  40. 48

    Chris Colley

    You have a right to your opinion and that is one of the many things that make this a great country to live in.

  41. 49

    Laura W Garner

    Zac Abramson nobody cares…bill Clinton has made millions and he’s the biggest scum on the earth

  42. 50

    Ronda Sykes Charping

    If The ticket were reversed and Moore were the democratic candidate what kind of ruckus would all the die hard republicans be having? How forgiving would you be then? Open your minds, hear what is being said, ask questions and remember you are going to live with your decision…. if you elect a sexual predator to national office every citizen in Alabama will suffer for it.

  43. 51

    Justin Williamson

    Wait-did he say disaster or total disaster?

  44. 52

    Mike Smith

    JB, how about vote for someone whose policies also benefit kids after they’re born, too?

  45. 54

    Sheila James Gargus

    Zac Abramson if you will actually read what I wrote you will see that I said he may be guilty but it has not been proven. I never mentioned anything about Clinton, although there is a lot that could be said. Things that have been proven true! Twist my words anyway you want, that’s what liberals do. No excuses here! Just saying you are not judge and jury and you have no right to judge others!

  46. 55

    Nancy Strickland Hawkins

    Laura W Garner There is no proof sufficient for those determined to vote for the pervert. However, it says a lot about the voter.

  47. 56

    Nancy Strickland Hawkins

    But you don’t get to control women by those kinds of policies. And this pro-BIRTH nonsense is all about controlling women. If you believe in small government and individual rights, you can’t be for the government intervening in a woman’s health decisions.

  48. 57

    Nancy Strickland Hawkins

    It’s hard to believe there are people who still believe Trump’s many, many lies.

  49. 58

    Laura W Garner

    Yes it does Nancy Strickland Hawkins, that I can think for myself and I believe in innocent until proven guilty. Now lay some more liberal logic on me!

  50. 59

    Sheila James Gargus

    Nancy Strickland Hawkins what irrefutable evidence do you have? Did you see this happen or are you just going by what you have heard or seen in the MSM?

  51. 60

    Laura W Garner

    Nancy Strickland Hawkins I pray you didn’t vote for Bill rapist Clinton

  52. 61

    Richard Norton

    Sheila James Gargus what would constitute prof to you? Selfies? There were none. At some point you listen to the women, you listen to him, you listen to those the women told, and you use common sense to learn the truth..well unless you are in Denial because he quotes scripture.

  53. 62

    Bradley Clark

    Laura W Garner
    I think we may have a record! You are the grand prize winner for being”The first to mention a Clinton on a post that has nothing to do with a Clinton!” Took only 9 post into the thread!

  54. 63

    Bradley Clark

    Laura W Garner
    Prove it!

  55. 64

    Bradley Clark

    Laura W Garner
    Did Bill molest some children? Wasn’t all of his encounters consensual? If not, as you say…..”proof?”

  56. 65

    Bradley Clark

    Laura W Garner

  57. 66

    Laura W Garner

    He raped them…big difference.

  58. 67

    Laura W Garner

    Bradley Clark you believe the Moore accusers but not the Clinton accusers. Typical liberal logic.

  59. 68

    Laura W Garner

    Bradley Clark where have you been…that has been the talk since the Moore accusers came out. I guess you only listen to the liberal fake news.

  60. 69

    Debra Anderson

    Can you make a call like.that given his.track.record.

    I guess if you.are not a racist, bigot, abuser,.sexist, narcissistic person then you would be.bad
    You would not fit.in.with.hia crew.

    Also.you.have.to.be a fake Christian too.

  61. 70
  62. 71

    Laura W Garner

    Nancy Strickland Hawkins lies? It’s hard to lie when you tweet your every thought!

  63. 72

    Sheila James Gargus

    Richard Norton the timing seems way to convenient.
    40 years goes by then one month before the election all of these accusations. Typical liberal tactics!

  64. 73

    Ron Albright

    Seems you are a victim of the alt right propaganda which aided herr tRump into office. Abortion is legal, has been legal since a Republican majority court validated Roe v Wade, and WILL remain legal as your Repugnaticans will not act & undo their divisive, cash cow of a cause. Seems you are male, you lack a uterus, thus you get NO voice in the decision anyway. The only appropriate response from those of us absent that piece of anatomy is to support the woman’s right to choice.

  65. 74

    Marie Armstrong

    Zac Abramson, where is the proof?
    It’s a She Said; this or that!
    Have you ever been to a party where you played a game of repeat?
    You whisper to first person a statement, they whisper it to someone. By the time it gets to the last person, it is so distorted by repeaters, that it makes no sense!

  66. 75

    Sheila James Gargus

    Bradley Clark if we are going on accusations only then yes there have been accusations of Bill and Hillary both traveling and staying with their rich friends on what is referred to as pedophilia Island.

  67. 76

    Ron Albright

    Josh Burgans Another of you being victimized by alt right propaganda

  68. 78

    Richard Norton

    Sheila James Gargus Many people, including some I know have NEVER talked about being assaulted. People do not always say things like this at the time. These women did not go looking for this..an enterprising reporter heard rumors and did what good reporters do.The fact that you seem to paint with such a broad brush tells me you would not acknowledge the truth if it bit you in the butt. I suspect that you really do not want to know the truth. And you are not alone. There will never be a smoking gun..there can be no trial. He will never confess? Again what would you accept as truth?

  69. 79

    Marie Armstrong

    What about the other thing’s Jones supports. Homosexual marriage, open borders, Liberal Supreme Justices and everything else Socialistl

  70. 80

    Sheila James Gargus

    Richard Norton I’m having a hard time with this because it is all to familiar. I know a woman that accused a man of sexual harassment just to get back at him. She ruined his business, his marriage, and his life. She finally admitted that she lied. It was too late because he lost everything. There were no repercussions for her. She went on with her life like nothing ever happened. I’m not saying that is the case here, but I know that it does happen. To answer your question about what I would consider the truth well it would be irrefutable evidence. I just believe in innocent until proven guilty.

  71. 81

    Marie Armstrong

    Of course a President wants people who will support him! Not some Socialist Liberal who will lockstep with Pelosi, Waters, and the other demented Senators, including the Rino’s!

  72. 82

    Marie Armstrong

    I am so sick and tired of hearing people call Moore a sexual predator, when there is absolutely no proof of it. Because women claimed it, does not holdup in court without proof!
    Give him, and the women a day in court. Don’t label him a sexual predator, or say the women are skanks because of their past.
    Just stop the cruel labeling…

  73. 83

    Michael Lindsey

    He was an unfit, useless piece of trash before these allegations!

  74. 85

    Barrie Limerick

    The orange turd is a disaster.

  75. 86

    Chris Colley

    He definitely puts every thought out there

  76. 87
  77. 88

    Sonya Gravlee

    He knows disasters up close and personal #heisthebiggestdisastersincehoover

  78. 89

    Richard Norton

    Innocent until proven guilty is for a court of law..not a political opinion. I know several people, including someone close to me, who never came forward. They had their reasons. It’s more complicated than you think..but your mind is closed..so be it.

  79. 90

    Kim Reid

    The fake orange cheeto calling the kettle black again!

  80. 91

    Doris Hall

    TRUMP you is the disaster SOB

  81. 92

    Robin Rice Galey

    No way would I vote Democrat. Moore is innosent until proven guilty.. I’ll take my chances. He will go and is willing to go before ethics committee.. If the facts find him guilty then they will replace him. I’ll let Congress handle that.

  82. 93

    Gene Startley

    More free crap for the ones who are abusing it already, more Illegals, more race-baiting, more men in lil girl bathrooms.

  83. 94

    Laura W Garner

    The Democrats are close minded. Vote and believe the ignorance they spew or be constantly attacked by the liberal idiots!

  84. 95

    Audrey Cross

    It takes one to know one! Lol!

  85. 96

    Bradley Clark

    Sheila James Gargus
    Yes! Accusations from Info Wars! 😂😂😆😂😆😂😆😆😆😂! Why don’t you send me the link to that little morsel of info!

  86. 97

    Bradley Clark

    Marie Armstrong
    Ever heard of a “moderate”? Used to be those on both sides of the isle. Doug Jones is old school Democrat. For working class because that’s where he came from. Fairfield Alabama. Not a socialist.

  87. 98

    Sheila James Gargus

    Bradley Clark I’m sure you are capable of looking it up yourself. I have wasted enough of my time on this. So we disagree…God Bless!

  88. 99

    Bradley Clark

    Sheila James Gargus
    Good nite to you!

  89. 100

    Sheila James Gargus

    Richard Norton I can consider whatever I think is relevant to form my political opinion! Just because I believe differently than you does not make me close minded. Maybe you are the one that is close minded. Yes we disagree. I hope you have a good night and God Bless!

  90. 102

    Trent Ferguson

    Your grammar is a disaster.

  91. 104

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