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    Aaron Bruce

    I understand where he is coming from. However what God used then is not necessarily what God will use to reach people today. If you think about that and apply it to say, John Wesley for example, the messages he preached brought thousands into the kingdom. Read some of them. I personally don’t believe that they would reach anyone today.
    Look at the messages and methods that are bringing people into the kingdom today. Message like those at Church of the Highlands or Life.Church are changing the people of today.

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    Steve Betts

    Scripture should not be JUST a justification for what we are ALREADY comfortable with believing. Scripture should tell us what we OUGHT be believe. We have to LET it.

  3. 3

    Kasey Graydon

    Maybe if we’re lucky we will live long enough where god will start changing lives with things like Golf instead of boring bible verses.

  4. 4

    Chris Amick

    I can’t even comment on this. I would love to but I really just shouldn’t

  5. 5

    Scott White

    Kasey Graydon wow!!! I will pray for you.

  6. 8

    Chris Amick

    Scott White you need to pray for the first guy. Kasey is being sarcastic

  7. 9

    Scott White

    Chris Amick
    Gotcha… yes i should have said more on the first guy. God’s word hasn’t changed. I would say he still would reach plenty.

  8. 10

    Chris Amick

    There’s something I don’t think a lot of people understand and at one time I didn’t either. “5 ways to be more like Jesus” or “10 steps to a better marriage”, that’s not the Gospel, that’s a self help message, and if we could help ourselves then we wouldn’t need the Gospel. The Gospel is all that makes a lasting change in someone’s life and that is why John Wesley’s message brought thousands to the kingdom and STILL would today

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    Judy Popwell Knight

    God and God’s Word: the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow*. My understanding is, we share the gospel *, it is the work of the Holy Spirit to draw or “reach” people. Personal observation is that attempts at usurping the work of the Holy Spirit is producing a person lacking in true commitment.

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