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RE/MAX: A home for agents, customers alike

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By Tommi Peters

For the Tribune

TRUSSVILLE — Alan and Nancy Drinkard opened the doors to their RE/MAX office in 2010, with the intent to serve people well.

Providing a supportive and empowering home for agents is the foundation of the business model for Alan & Nancy’s RE/MAX franchise. In turn, the agents are able to provide the same service to their clients.

As the office Broker, Alan elaborates that they have structured the office to support the independence of the agents so that the agents can better support their clients. “RE/MAX has a business model and within the framework of that business model, I have the latitude to support my agents individually and independently. As long as it’s legal, they don’t need my permission to negotiate what needs to be done to help meet their customer’s needs.”

Nancy is one of the Realtors supported by the office and explains, “If I have to pay for something or negotiate a item in order to help the client, I have the freedom to do what it takes to close a deal.  And the good Lord always provides me with another opportunity. We just treat people how we would want to be treated.”

The Drinkards have years of experience (Nancy has 25 and Alan 16), Alan’s leanings toward serving people is evident in his previous experiences: with the Army Special Forces, as Volunteer Fire Chief for Trussville, and 28 years in HR with Alabama Power.

Nancy’s approach to customer service is motivated by personal experience. “Years ago, as a single mother with three children, I couldn’t find any agents to help me because I wasn’t buying at least a $100K house. Then I found a realtor that was very good to me. She was the type of realtor that I am now.”

“I like selling real estate, but I love helping people and it doesn’t feel like a job to me at all,” said Nancy.

Alan explains that their heart for service and support extend outside of their immediate team. “Our office is open and welcoming to agents from other offices. They might pop in to use our conference room, grab a bottle of water and we’re genuinely happy to see them and offer support any way we can.”

Nancy continues, “We believe in ‘Givers Gain’ the more you give, the more you gain. Our agents are treated well, they are provided the tools they need to best serve their customers.”

Alan concludes by saying, “What I’d like everyone to understand – agents and customers – is that we’re here to serve them. We want to focus on developing relationships, not just completing transactions.”

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