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Springville cross country girls take top billing at St. Clair County Championships

By Joshua Huff, sports editor

ODENVILLE — The Springville cross country team placed four runners combined (boys and girls) in the top 10 on Wednesday, Oct. 23, at the St. Clair County Championships in Odenville against a field of five teams.

The Springville girls were led by first-place finisher Beth Ann Tucker, who finished over 30 seconds faster than the second place finisher, Ashville’s Taylor Knight, with a time of 20:59.5.

Sadie Deason, Sarah McGinnis, Zoe McGinnis, Lauren Isley and Georgia Self rounded out the top 25 in the girls division.

Girls Top 10

1). Beth Ann Tucker (Springville High School, 20:59.5)
2). Taylor Knight (Ashville, 21:31.8)
3). Emily Courington (Moody, 22:01.5)
4). Caroline Pinson (Pell City High School, 22:34.8)
5). Reagan Edwards (Pell City High School, 22:41.5)
6). Meghan McCarthy (Ashville, 22:51.2)
7). Kathleen McCarthy (Ashville, 23:06.5)
8). Abby Little (Pell City High School, 23:20.2)
9). Lily Isbell (Pell City High School, 23:57.0)
10). Callie Stewart (Ashville, 24:09.7)

The Springville boys placed three runners in the top 10. The Tigers were led by third-place finisher Caleb Kimmons, who finished with a time of 18:11.1, which was 17 seconds faster than teammate Peyton Young. Jake Harned rounded out the top 10 with a time of 18:37.4.

Benjamin Chapman, Caleb King, Jackson Williams and Nick Johnson filled out the top 25.

Boys Top 10

1). Jack Lowe (Pell City High School, 16:43.9)
2). Wyatt Knight (Ashville, 17:48.5)
3). Caleb Kimmons (Springville High School, 18:11.1)
4). Peyton Young (Springville High School, 18:28.7)
5). Jake Harned (Springville High School, 18:37.4)
6). Joe Stephens (Ashville, 19:04.6)
7). Cesar Segura (Ashville, 19:05.2)
8). Aiden Golden (Pell City High School, 19:11.6)
9). River Richard (Pell City High School, 19:20.1)
10). Clayton Knight (Ashville, 19:39.7)

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