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  1. 1

    Beth Taylor Gore

    I hope he’s found. My son and I walk this park and would rather not see such a thing.

  2. 4

    Lora Whitehead

    I’d put the jiu-jitsu on, I don’t play that mess. Sicko

  3. 5

    Becky Kirbow

    Elizabeth Kirbow this is why I’d rather you have a running buddy

  4. 6

    Rhonda Webb

    I know you would just letting you know what is going on

  5. 7

    Lora Whitehead

    Rhonda Webb thanks for the heads-up! I still go there quite a bit. What kind of idiot goes to a public park and does mess like that. You know me lol, I’d fight haha

  6. 9

    Kimberly Ray Griffis

    Brett, we talked about this man

  7. 12

    Andrea Morgan Smith

    Uh oh… Melissa Jordan watch out for this guy… or… don’t watch because.. you know…

  8. 13

    Barbara Williams Wheeler

    Gee everyone needs to wear a body camera . pepper spray handy too.

  9. 16

    Jennie Rogers Kruse

    Bret Rogers BuddyandTina Rogers

  10. 18

    Kenda Haynie Davis

    I saw this last night and it’s not the first time. Pervert !!

  11. 19

    Sabrina Millwee Meeks

    I would have pointed, laughed and exposed my pistol.

  12. 20

    G Les Keyes

    Be careful Marion Kilgore

  13. 22

    Kelli Penque

    Y’all, this happens all the time downtown. People are so sensitive

  14. 25

    Andrea Bearden Quick

    Chelsey Hames, Freda Jones, Tamra Patterson

  15. 29

    Bill Dooley

    Maybe this man had to pee. Maybe he has a medical problem there. Let’s get the facts before we accuse him of this. Y’all would have had him hung no pun intended before you knew the facts.

  16. 32

    Angela Bright-tatum

    I saw this . So many crazies so close by!

  17. 34

    Cathy Scheile Beasley

    Maybe a pee-shooter is in order

  18. 35

    Bill Dooley

    Cathy Scheile Beasley Lol lol lol

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