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    Dina Nolan Wheeler

    Kathlyn Lamarque Nolan check it out

  3. 9

    Nanette Stein

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeek!! I’m so excited

  4. 11

    Allyson Nicole Bailes

    Jeannine Hall Bailes Rachel Marie Bailes

  5. 14

    Rose Herring Cobb

    Trussville will be the next Eastwood before it’s over.

  6. 15
  7. 16

    Leah Scharf Miller

    Rose, put it on a one. I heard Green Acres and Burkes Outlet are coming!

  8. 18

    Samantha Layne DeLuca

    JJ DeLuca another one to go to!

  9. 19

    Rose Herring Cobb

    May as well have a Citi Trends and an Exotic Wings.

  10. 20

    Christopher Card

    I’m glad they’re doing something with that space rather than keeping it empty for ever and ever. Seems like Trussville has too much unoccupied retail in it’s vicinity which should be put to better and more productive use.

  11. 22

    Peggy Cleckler Moore

    I know u told me this already just alway think of u when I hear this stupid stores name

  12. 24

    Jenny Elk Morgan

    You will learn to love it!

  13. 26

    Tracy Mullins Garrett

    Susie Scott Adkins, Ross next to Marshall’s ! How great is that ?

  14. 30

    Barbara Williams Lemley-Wheeler

    Ross has bargains but you have to go regularly to find bargains in Hoover.

  15. 31

    Cathy Runels

    So glad I live in the country now. Trussville way to busy for me.

  16. 33

    Christy Rainwater

    Right next door to Marshall’s doesn’t make much since to me. Trussville has way too many of the same type stores in my opinion. How about a party city Trussville? Come on!

  17. 34

    Leah Scharf Miller

    I heard Hair Show is going next Panera

  18. 39

    Denesa Dawn Cook

    They have six empty stores at the pinnacle!!!! And now there building a new mall that they cannot even feel???? And why???? They have way to many empty retail spaces now as it is!!!!

  19. 41

    Amanda Grissom Williams

    How will Ross hurt anything? It doesn’t hurt Hoover-are y’all comfortable shopping there or is the proximity of such a low class establishment too dirty for you?

    As grown women, I’d hope you’d look at this and clearly see that saying things like adding a Green Acres , Exotic Wings and Hair show like it’s a bad thing really paints you to look like some entitled racists-the type who’s holier than thou attitudes make everyone think Trussville is full of snobs. If you want to call out primarily black owned businesses like you’re too good for them, do that trashy mess on your own page-not a public one.

  20. 43

    Debbie Roberson

    The space where this business is going to be was occupied, the previous businesses were relocated in order to allow for expansion for this Ross to be opened in this location.

  21. 44

    Amanda Grissom Williams

    Valerie, I personally cannot wait!

  22. 45

    Debbie Roberson

    I love the stores at the Pinnacle & would love to frequent the businesses there, unfortunately I would rather lick a foot than navigate through the traffic nightmare required to get to this location, particularly during the work week.

  23. 46

    Christopher Card

    I know. However I also know that there have been several other stores that have gone out of business in that same area, with nothing to replace them. Except for rent signs. So yeah. That part of Trussville needs a shot in the arm! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  24. 47

    Kay Fochtmann Mickel

    Thank you, Amanda. Several of you are friends of good, truly Christian friends of mine. I think they would be embarrassed to see these negative, classless, racist statements come out of your mouths. I can only imagine your sorority like behavior behind closed doors.

  25. 51

    Kristie Reagan

    Debbie, I feel ya. Traffic is a nightmare.

  26. 52

    Amanda Grissom Williams

    You’re welcome Kay and thank you for also speaking up. I am ashamed that grown women this day and age feel like this sort of speech is ok anywhere at anytime and it seems doubly sad to me to see it on a public page where business owners, employers, etc can see what you say.

  27. 53

    Candi Debardelaben

    Kimberly Bedwell Fuller, field trip!

  28. 54

    Debbie Roberson

    I think it would be easier to park on the side of the interstate and climb the big wall to get up there.😉

  29. 55

    Rose Herring Cobb

    Really Amanda? I’ve lived in Trussville my entire life and was one of the very few residents here that fully supported Trussville having its own thrift store when you all were afraid it would “destruct the image” of the community and mimic Centerpoint. It makes no difference to me where you shop, but you won’t catch me anywhere near that Walmart shopping center so long as people are getting their cars broken into at the movie theater in broad daylight (like my husband) or continue getting arrested for shoplifting.

  30. 56

    Nick Pearson

    Someone say Exotic wings is opening in Trussville???? I’m 100% in support!

  31. 57

    Nick Pearson

    Didn’t Target have some theftkidnapping issues 🤔. Any particular store is not going to increase or reduce crime in an area.

    The chances of you being robbed are pretty small. I mean do people think this doesn’t happen in Mountain Brook or Hoover?

  32. 58

    Amanda Grissom Williams

    I supported the thrift store as well, so let’s not lump me in with “you all”, (whoever they are).

    What does the current state of that shopping center have to do with adding a Citi Trends and Exotic Wings? Or a Ross for that matter?

    If you already won’t shop there, then why feel the need to comment here at all?

    Why pick out primarily black owned businesses to imply that it’ll make it that worse? Your comments were unnecessary and laced with racist undertones, plain and simple.

    If I were you, I’d delete the whole comment thread you started here and hope no one else you may know, go to church with, work with, etc see it lest they see it the same way I (and a few others apparently) have.

  33. 59

    Terri Tumlin

    Yup, they already knocked the side of the building down

  34. 60

    Terri Tumlin

    How about that marshalls and Ross right next door….oh my

  35. 61

    Beverly Swain

    Terri Tumlin it can be dangerous.

  36. 63

    McKayla Tucker

    Shannon Wilkinson Tucker

  37. 66

    Kelly Michelle Jacks

    Jessica Dawn Gomer yaaasssss!!!

  38. 67

    Athena Poulos

    It’s called competition

  39. 68

    Christy Rainwater

    Variety is the spice of life.

  40. 69

    Jessica Dawn Gomer

    lol I still feel like the one in irondale will be the best.

  41. 74

    Barbie MrsToro


  42. 76

    Angela Faye

    Yay! Is that what’s going to be beside Walmart I know they are doing construction on the corner of the lot?

  43. 79

    Megan Martin

    And an Ulta!!!!! I’m stoked!

  44. 82

    Tangee Weaver-Hunt

    Pamela Weaver Lisa Green Stone Woo hoo!

  45. 83

    John Martin

    Boo. More traffic in an already over trafficked area.

  46. 85

    Lisa Green Stone

    Lawddddd I will never see my friend again 🙁 Tangee Weaver-Hunt

  47. 87

    Ray Ray Washington

    Eb ony where u at u can go to trsviile now

  48. 91

    Kevin Wilson

    The new mall has every space leased out.

  49. 93
  50. 96

    Donna R Crowe

    I don’t know if I will be able to handle all my stores close to me now at work. Hobby Lobby, Home Accents, and now Ross!

  51. 98

    Robert Ferguson

    I thought it was gonna be at Milos since a big Ross Dress For less sign is posted at Milos.

  52. 99

    Ann Spencer

    What about Forestdale!!

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